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I have been living in Tigre for 7 years, although my story with Tigre started long before. Since I was a girl I visit the city and the Delta, because I have family living in the islands.

I love everything about Tigre, its contact with the river, its nature, its interesting history and the particularity of being a place with one foot in the city and its urban life and the other in the delta and its nature, where it seems that the world works in a different way.

I really enjoy showing this beautiful city and its incredible nature to all those who want to join our Tours.

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Adam 12 months

A great tour that takes you to the highlights in Tigre! Marina was an amazing guide providing an extensive overview of the history, main sites, hidden gems and then pointing out the best boat tour and local restaurants.

Response from Marina
Thanks for your lovely comment Adam!!! It was a pleasure for me to show you our beautiful city. Hope to see you again in Tigre!
Rudy Valencia Alameda over 1 year

Muy bueno, un poco de historia,geografia y de detalles de cómo es la vida de la gente en El Tigre.

Response from Marina
Muchas gracias por tu lindo mensaje Rudy! Espero verlos nuevamente por Tigre para seguir disfrutando de nuestra hermosa ciudad!
Alicia Pascual over 1 year

Un recorrido ameno y muy interesante. Marina conoce mucho de la zona y es clara y concreta en sus explicaciones. Una muy linda manera de conocer el Tigre, parte de su historia y geografía!

Response from Marina
Muchas gracias por tu cariñoso mensaje Alicia! Fue un placer haberlos guiado por nuestra hermosa ciudad. Los esperamos en el futuro para seguir conociendo Tigre!
Alejandro over 1 year

No apareció realmente feo

Response from Marina
Buenas tardes Alejandro. Lamento mucho el inconveniente del fin de semana. No sabemos cuál fue el motivo pero no recibimos el correo con la información de tu reserva. Estando tomando los recaudos necesarios para que no vuelva a suceder. Te mando un saludo y nuestra más sinceras disculpas. Marina Iantosca Tigre Free Walking Tours
tony over 1 year

This tour was great as on top of the effort and emphasis provided by the ladies for explaining Tigre and bringing me around there, I was the only one that day, then I could have a lot of help. I wish them a lot of success and several visitors as they deserve that!

Response from Marina
Hi Tony! Thank you very much for your comment! It was a pleasure for us to walk you through our city and we hope to see you again!

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