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Our mission is to respect our neighbors, and the local businesses of Alicante by promoting good practices among our traveling friends. Alicante is much more than sunshine, beach, and partying. And although we do love these things, the city also boasts a rich gastronomy, intriguing culture, and riveting history.

We don’t just offer private tours of the highest quality, we also believe in an inclusive kind of tourism. That is why we offer the Free Tour! The Free Tour means that anyone, no matter what their budget is, can come, get to know and enjoy the city to the max, and at the end of the tour they are free to decide how much the tour was worth.


This is a local Project, sustained by born and bread alicantenean official guides. We only operate in our city: Alicante. We understand that a city is in constant change and development, and we want to be part of a positive change in the tourism industry, and in the great city of Alicante. By offering a different kind of tourism, we want to take care of the city that takes care of us!!

This is why we colaborate only with other local bussinesses and we offer tours to local hightschools to try to promote our history among the young alicanteneans.

We also see it as our responsibility to help the less fortunate parts of our city. So we also support a local non-profit organization Despensa Solidaria, commited to helping less fortunate families through food drives, and also by expanding awareness about poverty in the city.


Alicante´s visitors have rated us as the best Free Tour on Trip Advisor.

And other companies as Holiday Extras Travel Guides have chosen us to promote the city! You can watch their video here.

We´ve been also in the local newspapers

And some bloggers have recommended us as one of the Best things to do in Alicante.


We introduced the concept of the Free Tour in the city of Alicante in March 2016. Do not settle for less than the authentic!

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12 days ago

Muy interesante y divertido. Un forma perfecta de conocer Alicante.



12 months ago

Our tour guide was David. He's very professional, always answering our questions, and making sure to stop in the shadow. However, I miss more fun, interaction and enthuasiasm during the tour. I also believe than less information but deeper explanations would have been better. I don't think the break at the restaurant was really needed. The stop at the Nougat shop, however, was very nice and the visit of the market too! Thank you!



1 years ago

Maria was absolutely fantastic. She is immensely knowledgeable and her passion for Alicante is infectious. Truly wonderful hour tour.


Response from Free Walking Tours Alicante:

Hi Vanessa, Thank you very much for your review. I am very glad you enjoyed the tour and I hope you end up retiring here; in the best place in the world :) If you need anything, please you do not hesitate to reach me, you´ve got my details! Enjoy Altea tomorrow and thank you again for your review! Regards, María