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Want something a little deeper than the London popular culture tours? I'm a former teacher, economist, analyst and a lover of history, books and ideas.

If you just want to take photos to put on social media and don’t really like walking, then PLEASE BOOK A DIFFERENT TOUR!!!

If you are intellectually curious and like to think, then let me take you through the streets of London, from the City (the old Roman town of Londinium), to Southwark on the south bank of the River Thames and then to Covent Garden, Soho, Mayfair & St James’s (5 different walks in total). I'll explain how London came from being a European backwater in the 1500s to the largest city in the world in the 1800s.

Today, London surpasses New York in diversity and has become a playground for the rich. From clean money to dirty money, I'll tell you the back story behind London's rise, not just the official version! The good, the bad and the ugly: you'll hear about it all.

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27 Feb 2024
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Travelled in couple - Feb 2024

Very interesting topic. Justin made what was a fairly dark topic very informative and entertaining. Easy to follow and Justin provided very good/helpful visual aids. He made very good recommendations about further reading on the subject. Justin was a very engaging, witty tour guide. Despite it being bitterly cold we thoroughly enjoyed The experience. The next time we are in London we will definitely do another tour with Justin. I would fully recommend Justin's tour to anyone visiting London.

27 Feb 2024 Hong Kong
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Travelled in couple - Feb 2024

Me and my sister in high school joined wanting to learn something other than usual landmark history, this tour was exactly what we hoped for! Got to know some lowkey old money shopping streets (not luxury brands in high street), private clubs in London, and the real side of London economy. Justin is very knowledgeable and great to interact with! Definitely recommend to someone looking for something different :)

27 Feb 2024 Lausanne
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Travelled in group - Feb 2024

Pip riches
26 Feb 2024 Chester
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Travelled alone - Feb 2024

I learnt so much about a city I worked and lived in for years. I look at the area in a different light now and imagine the comings and going’s of life so vividly. Will def return for more Guru.

26 Feb 2024 Derby
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Travelled in couple - Feb 2024

This was a great tour! Justin was knowledgeable, friendly and fun and we had a great time learning the history of Soho. A perfect mix of the political, social, literary and cultural history with a very generous seasoning of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll - just like Soho itself this tour has it all!

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