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Hello, my name is Amine and I was born and grow up in Old Medina I’m 35 years old , I’m a professional tour guide with more than 137 reviews.

I did not hesitate it to share the secrets and beauty of Old Medina.

Prepare your intellectual spirit and adventurous soul, on this day trip from Casablanca, you will discover the magic and mystic of Old Medina, I will guide you through a carefully chosen selection of monuments and sites.

Our walk will also help us to discover the history of the oldest.


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Ratings (34)

19 Jan 2023 Swindon
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Travelled in group - Dec 2022

Amine was very personable and knowledgeable. Told us about the politics and experiences of normal people.

01 Jan 2023 Madrid
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Travelled in couple - Dec 2022

Nos aceptó una reserva para el tour de las 14h. Nos habla por privado para decirnos que no va a poder hacer ese tour, que nos cambiemos al de la mañana. Nos cambiamos al de la mañana aunque nos venía peor el horario. Ya nunca volvimos a saber de él, ni respondió mensajes, ni se presentó en el punto de encuentro. Aquí seguimos esperándole...

24 Dec 2022 Munich
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Travelled alone - Dec 2022

It was wonderful. Amine gave us a lot of information and guided us safely through the medina. I can totally recommend it!!

18 Nov 2022
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Travelled in couple - Nov 2022

Highly recommend the tour with Amine. He gave us a lot of amazing insight into the Medina, Casablanca, and Morocco. The area itself is fascinating. 2 thumbs up!

01 Nov 2022
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Travelled in couple - Oct 2022

Amine was a no show. What a terrible way to spend our only day in Casablanca.

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