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Reserva Galápagos

Ciao sono Cesare. Piacere di conoscerti! Sono una guida ufficiale del Parco Nazionale delle Isole Galapagos e sono specializzata nel turismo naturalistico. Da 40 anni mi dedico a far conoscere a persone di tutto il mondo le diverse attrattive delle Galapagos e dell'Ecuador continentale. Fino a poco tempo fa questa riserva di tartarughe giganti, foresta nativa e tunnel di lava era aperta solo a gruppi specializzati di botanici, biologi e geologi, ma da qualche mese l'abbiamo aperta al turismo e non vediamo l'ora di farla scoprire.

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01 Feb 2024 Sebastian
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Viaggiato in coppia - Jan 2024

This was our favorite land tour we did in the Galapagos! If you are expecting to go on a well maintained/paved tour route this is not the tour to go on, but if you want a more rustic and natural experience we highly recommend this tour! We left the facilities walking a narrow, one person trail that leads through the grassy areas/mandarin trees where we saw many tortoises that ranged from small to very large. These tortoises are not in enclosures and are roaming free between the Galapagos Frontier and National Park. We continued on towards the lava tunnels walking through many areas with native vegetation that Caesar stopped to tell us about medicinal uses, etc. Parts of the trail did get muddy, though mud boots were provided. At the end of the trail are the lava tunnels where we saw underground lava flows, fissures, etc. Then we made our way back to the facilities and enjoyed fresh juice which was a great bonus! Book this tour - you won’t regret it!!

11 Jul 2023 The Bronx
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Viaggiato da solo - Jul 2023

19 Apr 2023 Amburgo
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Viaggiato da solo - Apr 2023

Great tour, amazing to watch the turtles in their natural habitat and learn something about their life, walking through the lava tunnels was also impressive and Ceasar the guide gave interesting information. After the tour we had lunch at the Reserva with tangerine juice from their own trees, really delicious!! Thank you so much for the great experience😊😊

11 Mar 2023 Henderson
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Viaggiato in coppia - Feb 2023

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