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Free tour of the Monumental Jaén

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Free tour of the Monumental Jaén
Guru: Arkeo Tour
Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Hours: 10:30 and 17:00
Languages: Spanish
Duration: 2 hours
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Free Tour-Discover the essentials of Jaén with Cláritas Turismo

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Free Tour-Discover the essentials of Jaén with Cláritas Turismo
Guru: Cláritas Turismo
Days: Sunday, Friday, and Saturday
Hours: 12:00
Languages: Spanish
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
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About Jaén

The Andalusian region stands out for having some of the most beautiful and charming cities in Spain. An example of this is the city of Jaén, capital of olive oil of the best quality and cradle of one of the most interesting and complete historical heritage in the south of the country. It is famous for being located along the Gudalquivir Valley, in one of the most strategic areas of the south, bordering the important Córdoba and Granada. It also stands out for having a large cast of castles and fortifications, faithful witnesses of the important weight of the city during the Reconquest and the Muslim presence on the Peninsula. The gastronomy of the province is one of the most tasty and varied, with a large number of really interesting dishes. Thus, for example, it is possible to savor from the crumbs, cooked Galian shepherds or the Andrajos, a stew of peppers, onions and tomatoes; or the Pipirrana salad, perfect to combat the hot summer, as well as the Ajoatao sauce, in which garlic is the true protagonist. A recommended stop for every tourist who wants to know this interesting part of the country.

This city offers a large number of interesting sites, perfect to be known by hand of a free walking tour in Jaén, one of the most recommended ways to discover this Andalusian corner, special if you have little time to know all its charms. Some of the most important places are the Arab fortress castle of Santa Catalina, one of the main and first forced visits when arriving in the city. Other important places are the Basilica of San Ildefonso or the Convent of the Bernardas, as well as the impressive Cathedral or the Diputación. Equally important, the Arab Baths,  the Quarter Jewish, the San Juan de Dios Hospital or the Church of La Magdalena, make up an interesting tourist offer that is sure to surprise the most demanding visitors. A town that brings together an interesting collection of Arabic and Roman pieces of great value and importance.

A brief but intense free tour in Jaén allows you to know the first hand of the most important monuments and the most spectacular views of the Andalusian city, one of the most beautiful in Andalusia. Equally interesting, its natural parks such as the Natural Park of the Sierra de Andújar, or the Sierra Mágina Natural Park, are another must-see stop to get to know this area at its best.

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