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About Montevideo

Located in an impressive bay, the capital of Uruguay is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the south of the American continent for its great attraction and beauty. A modern city that has preserved an important heritage, and today offers an interesting cultural, leisure and entertainment offer that is really recommended. Famous for being located in one of the areas of the planet where there is a greater incidence of ultraviolet rays, it is a tourist destination of great interest, perfect for planning a few-day getaway.

The Río de la Plata gives the city a strong personality, which is considered one of the cities with the best quality of life in South America. The Spanish colonial past and the always present French art deco, give this city a very interesting style that can be seen in much of its buildings. This tourist destination is a must stop for all those people who want to know a modern city, with an interesting cultural offer and with a recommended cuisine based on typical roasts and grills of all kinds; from chicken, sausage, vegetables, pork or traditional gizzards.

Those who wish to visit the most important places in the capital of Uruguay, have in Montevideo free walking tour an excellent opportunity to discover the most interesting and recommended points to see. Places as central and important for the country's history as Plaza Independencia and Avenida 18 de Julio, or the emblematic Salvo Palace. The Rambla allows you to take a pleasant walk through the city, admiring its coastline-

The best atmosphere can be found in Mercado del Puerto, full of venues and entertainment venues where you can enjoy the best Uruguayan dishes and live music, as well as the Agricultural Market or the traditional market of the Narvaja Tristan Fair, packed of hundreds of small posts. Other recommended stops in the city are the neoclassical Legislative Palace, the Solís Theater or the great Fortress, from where you can admire the extension and beauty of the South American city. This American destination is ideal for a free tour in Montevideo, as an alternative to the obsolete excursions still present today in the big capitals. A simple, comfortable and complete way to visit the most important points of the city, as well as the essential places to see in it.

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