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Valladolid is one of the largest and most important cities in Castilla y León, because of its history and its social and economic performance today. In addition to these characteristics, one of its claims to fame is the quantity of Medieval religious monuments that can be found in the Gothic Church of San Pablo, located in St. Paul's Square that date back to the 15th Century. Near this spot, you’ll find the Royal Palace that was the home to the Spanish kings at the beginning of the 17th C. If we are on the topic of art, we could mention all the points of interest that are related to the Gothic art of that period and still adorn the street’s of the city today. 

The most central and well-known point in the city is possibly the Plaza Mayor, where the statue of Count Ansúrez can be found at its center. In fact, the vast majority of free walking tours in Valladolid have their meeting point set at this place, and it is the start of the different routes that explore the main streets of Pucela, the popular nickname for this city. Some points of interest that you shouldn’t miss in this city are the Campo Grande urban park, the Cavalry Academy, the Gutierrez Passage, the San Benito and San Miguel Churches, the Rosaleda, the Poniente Square, the Millennium Dome, or the Duque de Lerma Building.

Regarding museums, some are quite representative of the city and are also featured in the route of some of the free tours in Valladolid, and you should take advantage of the stop to learn a little more! The first one you should visit is the Sculpture Museum, as well as the Oriental Museum and don’t forget the Valladolid Museum itself. If you have time, we recommend you also go to see the Patio Herreriano Museum and the Science Museum. You can check out other traveler’s opinions and evaluations about both the local guides and the tour route. Other interesting destinations are Logrono and Santander.

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