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Best things to see and do in Granada

Granada has enchanted travelers from all over for countless generations. The capital city of the province of Granada, this incredible city is the home of the UNESCO World Heritage site the Alhambra. The monumental building and the adjacent Arab neighborhoods showcase an impressive and intricate architecture that is truly breathtaking. Its gastronomy and its rich cultural staples like Flamenco music and dancing make it a must for any vacation. With the Sierra Nevada mountain range towering above the city and 4 rivers converging there, this beautiful city has so much to offer tourists. 

Don’t miss any of the exciting landmarks and check out a free walking tour of Granada with GuruWalk. You will get so much more out of your time there by learning about the city with a local guide who can show you all of Granada’s hidden charms. Visit the Alhambra, it’s amazing palace rooms and lush gardens and fountains will be unforgettable. After you can visit the Albayzin Arab neighborhood or go the Sacromonte neighborhood for some authentic Flamenco music and tapas. The Carrera del Daro, the Saint Nicholas Church and corresponding Square, the Science Park, the Cathedral, the Royal Chapel, and the Bañuelo Arab Baths are also must-see spots that you can visit on a guruwalk. 

Enjoy a guided tour with a local guide who can show you all the special, lesser-known areas of one of Spain’s most beautiful cities that most tourists don’t get the chance to see on their own. You can choose from tours that are available in different languages and that are scheduled in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Other tourists who have already done the tour have left their reviews and ratings of both the tour route and the guide so you can see which tour you think is best for you.