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Best things to do and see in Vitoria

Vitoria is the capital of the Basque Country autonomous community and is located in northern Spain. Historically it has been a strategic enclave at a cultural, commercial and military level, being a place of passage on the Roman road that linked Astorga and Bordeaux. The city has a great monumental heritage that is worth knowing if you are going to visit the province of Alava.

There are places that are essential in this city, and we advise you to meet them with a local guide who can explain the culture and history during the tour of a free walking tour in Vitoria in the morning or in the afternoon. The most representative points of interest are the Cathedral of Santa Maria, Artium, Basque Center-Museum of Contemporary Art, the Salburua Park, Bibat, the Archaeological Museum and Fournier de Naipes de ├ülava Museum, the Florida Park, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Est├şbaliz, Ol├írizu, Casa del Cord├│n, Plaza de Espa├▒a or "San Juan de Arriaga" Park.

All the free tour in Vitoria has opinions of the walkers who have made the tour with the local guide, valuing their experience as well as the guided tour. Other cities where there are also local guides willing to share their knowledge are Burgos, Santander and Zaragoza.

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