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Tour to viñales one day from havana

Your guru: Yuniel
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About the guru Yuniel

My name is Yuniel I am 34 years old, I am a professional tour guide who passed an official course as tour guide in Havana, I also graduated as Industrial Engineer and I love to talk about Cuba´s history, architecture, nature, culture and music. I´m really friendly and respectful. I also speak French.

My name is Yuniel I am 34 years old, I am a professional tour guide who passed an official course as tour guide in Havana, I also graduated as Industrial Engineer and I love to talk about Cuba´s history, architecture, nature, culture and music. I´m really friendly and respectful. I also speak French.

About the tour

Hi everyones

I have a tour this july 11, 14 and 29 with others tourist *(for just 50 cuc if you join us since will be we are more than 2) , but you can always choose the day you want I will try to find the others travelers for having a better price for you, i will promote the days in others websites. I only go to vinales if I have two people at least that day.

This is my official website, where I organize tours by group to Varadero, Hemingway´s house and others places, in group or alone. It is important that after you have made the reservation allways send me your adress and call me day before to my cell phone if you need to cancel.

Viñales is like nowhere else in the world. Giant limestone outcrops coated in thick vegetation called mogotes, rise sheer above a valley floor of russet-colored earth and a patchwork of small tobacco plantations.

Sightseeing tour by Viñales Valley including ¨Los Jasmines Hotel¨ look-out point, boat tour down Cueva del Indio inner river that costs 5 cuc for paying to the goverment and a visit to a farmer´s house who cultivates, produces and sells his own cigars.

We will have lunch at a local restaurant that servers a nice cuban food that cost ( 10 cuc ), but it is optional for you you can also bring your own snack, and later we spend some time in Vinales Town, later we visit the Pre-historical Mural, and return to Havana.

This journey of 170 km out of Havana will be in your car or if you wish in a car that I rent with a professional taxi driver for small group of persons, we always go in a classic car.

The price of this tour could variate according the number of persons that join us that day i will announce here the best day for you or promote the day you chose:

1- For two people cost 60 cuc or 55 euro per person.

2- For three people or more will be 50 cuc or 45 per person, if the day you go you share the car with two people more would be this price.

That is ideal if you are traveling alone and you want to meet others travelers. We pick you up and leave you at your house. If you want to stay in Vinales and enjoy the tour, it would be less 40 cuc. and spend one day in vinales.

At the end of the tour I would like to recieve your opinions, so you could always leave here your opinions, for improving my tours and for helping the others travellers. Thanks a million.

For more information please contact me to do the

ck in the button called "contact with yuniel" bye have a nice day yuniel

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29 days ago

We had a great day in vinales with yuniel and our driver. our classic car was very comfortable. on the agenda is a visit to a cave, vinales town, a cigar-producing farm, some great spots for beautiful panoramic views and an excellent lunch filled with too much food. it was a long but interesting day. there’s a great deal of flexibility in your itinerary. i’d definitely recommend a trip to vinales with yuniel.



2 months ago

I enjoy to much the tour. not only the view,the places but the people we met. yuniel is an excellent tour guide and excellent person. we spent all day in our jorney a totally recommended experience. we took an old carl with an excellent driver , yuniel explained everything , viñales and cubain people are adorable



3 months ago

The your was excellent value for money. yuniel was a really nice and funny person who was very informative which made the trip all the better. his english was excellent. i would definately recommend this tour



3 months ago

This tour package was really worth it! for the price, you get a small group to really understand the cuban culture. yuniel is really light-hearted and jokes around like how your friend would. he is really enthusiastic about sharing with you about the country from the lakes the national kayak team uses to train to telling me his dreams of staying a night in los jazmines to laze by the swimming pool. he is really strict on timing as well so that we don't have to spend unnecessary time in a cave queuing behind other cuban tourists. best parts about the tour is to take it slow with a beer or coffee with him. on top of that, he is really flexible and has strong interests in other cultures and languages. you won't regret this decision.



3 months ago

Yuniel was a fantastic tour guide and friend during our trip to cuba. organising the trip to viñales was simple. yuniel picked us up from our apartment at and we got dropped back there at about , so we definitely got a lot of time on the tour. yuniel was extremely talkative and friendly, discussing all things cuban on the journey. this was much more than a tour - i got a real sense that yuniel wanted to show us viñales and show us everything about cuba.

on the trip we got to take in some amazing views across viñales, visit a tobacco plantation where we were told about the entire process from start to finish. we even got to see a cigar being rolled, sampling one (dipped in local honey) and the chance to buy some (tip: bring extra money to buy a pack of 25 cigars here).

we visited some caves that were very popular then had some authentic cuban food with yuniel and his driver. this was a nice touch as we got to know each other over a lovely meal. they were able to cater to vegetarians too.

after the meal we headed to the town of viñales. we were lucky as on the day there was a carnival. we then finished the day by visiting the prehistoric mural before heading back to havana.

amazing trip. very authentic. we enjoyed it so much we met up with yuniel for a drink and organised another tour to varadero later in the week.

5 star!


Silviya Teneva-Georgieva

4 months ago

Unforgettable trip!. yuniel is a wonderful guide, a good professional, arrived in time for the start of the excursion. the car was with a driver. this allowed him to tell us much about cuba and the vinales valley during the trip. the program was executed exactly as it was announced - we visited a tobacco and cigar farm, a cave, the city of vinyles and others. the trip to vinyles is about am, but time has gone unnoticed. the next day, with him, we made an excursion in the footsteps of hemingway, which was also a wonderful experience. i unreservedly recommend the services of yuniel.



6 months ago

Yuniel was very accommodating and did everything in his power to keep us happy during the trip. we had trouble getting more money out from the bank so he stayed with us although it was hindering towards the day. much recommended. he's a very patient man

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