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Saturday in La Laguna!

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  • San Cristóbal de La Laguna
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About the tour

Culture, history, art ... is a very important part that we want to know when we visit a new place, but it is not incompatible to go out and have fun and enjoy the night face of the city. If you like beer, meet people and have a good time you have to book! This tour was born from the Santa Cruz city tour, where I, like GuruWalk, recommended drinking places around the city, and in the end, I ended up joining my walkers. We found it a very nice initiative, and many encouraged me to do this tour (thank you and a kiss to all!) Because many travelers do not leave to be alone, and in the end it was more fun and more people were encouraged, and because Going with someone local ensures a good night, with a good atmosphere and good bars. We will have a good time and meet other travelers, I will take you to the most beautiful bars in the city of La Laguna. We will be changing bars, we will pass in total by 4, and we will be between half an hour or 40 minutes. But ... important: In this tour the most important thing is that we are all comfortable, so we can adapt to whatever we want, stay longer in a bar that we like a lot, or on the contrary, (hopefully no), run away from another! :) :) By the way, those who know me on the Santa Cruz tour will see that I am a history lover, that is, they will not get rid of some La Laguna history talks when we pass through the odd place, (or of some sheet of those who were the Guanches). See you in La Laguna! :)

Meeting point
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How to find me: Next to the eleven o'clock position with a very colorful bag
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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What's the price?

A guruwalk is a pay-what-you want walking tour, which means, it's completely free to book and join the group, but the 'guru' expects to be rewarded once the tour ends. Some people give 5, some people give 50, you choose the price.

Reservations in advance are mandatory because if the 'guru' doesn't see any bookings one day, she will not show up at the meeting point. Or if she has too many 'walkers' that day, won't allow you to join without the reservation. Booking is completely free, fast and easy. Book your guruwalk now!

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