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Find the awesome history and culture of beautiful Manizales City

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About the guru Pablo

Geologist, proffesional tourism guide , nature lover. I work as a guide at Rio Blanco Natural reserve. I am a passionate for the nature and the history of this beautiful country. I love walk in the city and in the nature. I want to share knowledge and experiences with the people who spent their lifes traveling around the world. it will be a great pleasure to guide you if yo... More »

Geologist, proffesional tourism guide , nature lover. I work as a guide at Rio Blanco Natural reserve. I am a passionate for the nature and the history of this beautiful country. I love walk in the city and in the nature. I want to share knowledge and experiences with the people who spent their lifes traveling around the world. it will be a great pleasure to guide you if you decide to take one of my tours

About the tour

Have you ever ask oneself, where's came from the coffee that might your grandfather or father drank?

Have you ever seen the largest airway cable in the world on 1922?

did you know that Manizales It is one of the two cities of colombia who has a historic center recognized by UNESCO?

Didn't you knew? so you have to take this tour to know about the amazing touristic atractives that Manizales has for you!

The tour starts at the iconic "Cable Tower" who was one tower of the largest ropeway air cable in the world at 1922. Later we're gonna take a bus who drive us until the Founders monument, in the road we will see a big portion of the city at the Santander avenue.

In the monument we're gonna learn about the founders of Manizales city. Later we will take a coffe experience in the jeppao coffee shop, tasting a tipically great colombian coffee. After that you will learn and see the iconics: Republican, Classic, Neoclassic and Neogothic architecture, of the buildings in this amazing city

Yoy will meet and learn about

Cable Tower Monument (ancient ropeway air cable)

Santander Avenue

Founders Monument

Chipre Landviewer

Jeppao Coffee shop

Fine Arts Palace

Sanz Edifice

Caldas Governance Palace

Caldas Liquor Industry Edifice

Bolivar Square

Tango Street

The most beauty and peacefull city of Colombia ¡AWAITS YOU!

Learn about his history before the spanish conquest until the present.

All this tour takes around 3 hours of history, art, landscaping and hike :). The entire walk is (2 miles approximately)

**each tourist must bring 6 dollars (20,000 cop approximately) for the bus ticket (2,050 cop), coffe, and tipycally food**

Meeting point
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How to find me: In front Cable Plaza mall, cable tower, Juan Valdez cofee
Tour duration: 3 hours

Tour schedule

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7 months ago

What a wonderful afternoon!!! Pablo was amazing!!! From "lots" of "planning" email questions from us to him and Pablo's prompt to finally meeting Pablo and his sharing a wealth of information about Manizales. There is so much interesting history in this city! And to think, we almost didn't visit as it was not on any of the usual "must do" lists!!! We can't wait to visit Manizales again, to just have time to explore and learn more!!! We definitely wouldn't hesitate to recommend ANY tour with Pablo!!! He went out of his way to help us with anything we needed while in Manizales!!!

We also took another day with Pablo, for a paid trip to visit the Nevado del Ruiz volcano area. This was a special request from us to him!!! As Pablo is a Geologist, this day was even more amazing! As we walked along the road, we saw remains of the lava and lahar flows from the 1985 eruption (the cause of the Armero tragedy), and learned how to identify the different rock formations, etc. We learned about the origin of rivers and the importance of the Frailejones in the Paramo. If you have any interest in nature or THIS visit with Pablo is a must!!!

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Response from Pablo:

Many many thanks for youre words it was a really pleasure to meet and guide an a wonderfull people like you. Our time together it was amazing, and i feel really lucky to share time with a wonderfull people like you guys. Here in Manizales we are at the services of all the tourist in anything they need. The best reward i can get is the gratefulness and happiness of my visitors. Big hugh and keep enjoying Colombia a lot guys!!


7 months ago

Pablo helped me arrange my tour with less than a days notice, and though it was raining, we still decided to go. After a short bus ride, we headed up to Chipre with its marvelous views. It stopped raining, and the rest of the tour was dry! Loved our walk and talk, perfectly timed, good combo of history and answered all my silly questions about life in Manizales. He was professional and kind. Was the perfect introduction to my visit in Manizales. I would recommend him to anyone!



7 months ago

I am giving one star only because unfortunately our walk with Pablo didn’t happen. He rescheduled night before from 8:00am to 9:30, and then was running late from his medical appointment. I totally understand that, but we had only one day in Menizales and did not want to spent it waiting.

Unfortunate for us because he has great reviews and we were looking forward to learn about Menizales history.



8 months ago

I was fortunate enough to meet Pablo of Guru talks in the city of Manizales. https:///-find-the-awesome-history-and-culture-of-beautiful-manizales-city It is not easy to find guides in Manizales but I got lucky and found Guru walks and Pablo. Our time together was in January of this year.

Besides doing city tours, Pablo is a geologist and loves nature. He does tours in the surrounding nature around Manizales. For our time together, we visited one of the biggest volcanos in Colombia, Nevada del Ruiz. It is an incredible site and over 14,000 feet in elevation. We stood exactly where the lava flow was in 1985, the last time of its eruption. The lava killed over 25,000 people within 2 hours of its eruption with the lava flowing down the valley. It was beautiful and magnificent to see.

Pablo has climbed 15 volcanos in Colombia. He climbed the Nevada also. There is a climbing route in which you start at 3:00 am, many times in the rain, with ice storms as you get to the top. Needless to say, these are not great conditions, but Pablo is used to it.

After viewing the volcano, we traveled down the mountain and completed a loop. The car ride was beautiful but, on a dirt, and bumpy road.

Pablo does all kinds of nature If this interest you, Pablo is a passionate and excellent guide.



8 months ago

Pablo was a great guide. We met very far from the center, but it was really important! We took the late walk at 4: and it was perfect! We watched a beautiful sunset and he explained very detailed a lot of things.

Thanks Pablo! If I come back, I will take the nature tour for sure!



8 months ago

Ha sido un tour expertacular! Además de enseñarme la ciudad con todo detalle he podido vivir y sentir en primera persona lo que ofrece Manizales. 100% recomendable!

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