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Languages: Spanish
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Bachelor in geography, Master in natural hazards, Expert in geographic information systems, Environmental Educator and Official Guide of the CCAA of Cantabria. But beyond qualifications, what matters to me is to make known my land and my city and for that I am here, to convey what I know in a way true to the facts but always from the good vibes and fun, because there is no to forget that here one does not come to class but that this is to have fun learning. I can offer you nothing more than my willingness to enjoy the experience and the promise that I will do everything in my power to make your walks with me memorable.

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Tour description

An ideal route to have a first contact with the capital of Cantabria , its history, its people, its traditions and with the orange umbrella guides who will teach, entertain and excite you. Get ready, not to get to know Santander, but to experience it.

Welcome to Santander, the so-called "most beautiful bay in the world".
That of the idyllic landscape, the beaches, the aristocracy of El Sardinero, the illustrious characters, the bank,... but also that of the marine life, the docks, sardine boats, fishermen, nets and raqueros.

A city of many faces and contrasts that has always been and will be "La Novia Del Mar". Join us in this "love-hate" story, capable of overshadowing Romeo and Juliet, while you walk and get to know each street and monument of one of the Cantabrian jewels.

  • Our tour will begin in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento , in the heart of the city, where we will whet your cultural appetite to go to the Mercado de La Esperanza and see a sample of daily life in Santander, as well as local gastronomy. Did we say cultural appetite? You will see the gazuza that enters you.
  • With our mouths watering and in case someone has sinned with gluttony, we will go to mass to ask the priest for forgiveness. Not literally, but we will visit the Church of the Annunciation, the Santander Cathedral and its surroundings, to learn about them in detail, how Santander "married" with the sea and how this is shown in the streets we walk on. This city teaches much more than it seems!!!
  • But every relationship has its moments of crisis. With the Plaza de Alfonso XIII as a witness, we will marujear on the most dramatic moments of the Santander - Mar couple. Moments in which history has had a good roll up , such as the explosion of Cabo Machichaco or that disastrous Valentine's Day that led to the Great Fire from 1941. They love each other, but sometimes these two take each other to kill!!!
  • Not everything is drama in Santander. The expansion is the result of the best and most beautiful moments of this peculiar couple. We are going to wander through the Jardines de Pereda, the Plaza Porticada, the Plaza de Pombo or the Mercado del Este , some of the scenes with the greatest growth and prosperity in the city. Emblematic places with a handful of illustrious characters as narrators of the story.
  • We are already learning a lot about Santander, but what better way to talk about your relationship with your lover than your lifelong neighbors? No one beats those! For this reason, we will cross the neighborhood of El Arrabal , home to sailors and netters, the most traditional streets of the city and where, if you close your eyes and concentrate, you can still feel the saltpeter, the waves and the bustle of the boats.
  • In the end, with the high points and the low points, a long-term relationship pays off. A tour of the Santander docks, along Paseo Pereda , will serve as the best synthesis of the harmony of the city with the Cantabrian Sea and to introduce the couple's churumbeles: the Raqueros . Those little characters who, during the 19th and 20th centuries, walked among machinas, birles, hurrias and cabbage and who became an eternal icon.

As? What are those buzzwords? Pae, roll up your sleeve, gazuza, unravel, hurria, school,... ? Don't worry, don't let it be hard to read this; We have not forgotten to write well. You'll understand, when you come with us, that we Cantabrians don't have our own official language, but we're the best! And no, you won't need subtitles, which will make us understand each other very well.

What do you say, do you dare? Doesn't all of this make you a little sick ? We have a lot to guide you on this route and have a good time chachi-cinnamon.
By the way! Bring your furry friends to stretch their legs. We are 100% pet friendly!!

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What will we visit on this tour?

  • Meeting point:
    Plaza Ayuntamiento, 1A, 39002 Santand...
    Plaza Ayuntamiento, 1A, 39002 Santander, Cantabria, Spain
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    The guide will be in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Santander, generally in front of the municipal building, with a clearly visible orange umbrella. If it is not the orange umbrella, they are not the authentic ones from Tour Santander. That they do not sell you white brands.

  • 1
    Outside visit
    Plaza del Ayuntamiento
  • 2
    Free admission
    Mercado de la Esperanza
  • 3
    Outside visit
    Calle Juan de Herrera
  • 4
    Outside visit
    Catedral de Santander
  • 5
    Outside visit
    Plaza Alfonso XIII
  • 6
    Outside visit
    Jardines de Pereda
  • 7
    Outside visit
    Plaza Porticada
  • 8
    Free admission
    Mercado Municipal del Este
  • 9
    Outside visit
    Calle Arrabal
  • 10
    Outside visit
    Plaza de Pombo
  • 11
    Outside visit
    Los Raqueros

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Nestor 26 Sep 2023
La Palma

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Sep 2023
Muy bien explicado y entretenido
Mar Martos 25 Sep 2023

Verified booking
Travelled in group - Sep 2023
Hector es un crack! Las dos horas y media se pasan volando. Hace el tour muy ameno y explica muchísimas cosas.
Celia 20 Sep 2023

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Sep 2023
Héctor es un encanto, tiene un don para explicar y mantener a la gente embelesada con sus historias. Un 10!
Julio 19 Sep 2023

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Sep 2023
Héctor tiene un capacidad increíble de contar historias. Nos mantuvo entretenidos durante todo el tour y aprendimos mucho sobre la historia de Santander. Tour recomendado para cualquiera que visite la ciudad.
Maria 19 Sep 2023
Buenos Aires

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Sep 2023
Nos gustó mucho el recorrido y toda la información que nos brindó Héctor. Muy ameno y con mucha gracia y profesionalidad!!
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