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The Dark Side of Roma

Your guru: Camila
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  • Rome
  • Available in: Spanish, English
  • Duration: 3 hours

About the guru Camila

Im 28 years old, I am from chile and I have been in Rome for around 2 years. I am studying a master in art history, and I love history and storytelling.

Im 28 years old, I am from chile and I have been in Rome for around 2 years. I am studying a master in art history, and I love history and storytelling.

About the tour

Come to know the dark history of the eternal city. We all know that like any ancient city, Rome has its secrets and some ghosts.

We will begin our tour in front of the St Angelo castle, which holds more than one secret, and we will walk through the city center discovering typical characters of Roman culture, stories about important families, some popes, places where public executions were carried out, a terrible prison, a very special church and the place of murder of the famous Julio César, among other things.

It will be a walk through the alternative history of Rome, which not everyone knows.

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How to find me: on the bridge in front of the doors of the castle

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Ratings 6



11 months ago

algo muy recomendable pq no es lo tipico de roma fue genial



11 months ago

Camila ha sido una guía fantástica! Hemos aprendido muchas cosas, nos hemos divertido y el tour ha sido súper interesante. Muy diferente a lo habitual!!! 100% recomendable



11 months ago

Aunque reservamos tarde el tour la madrugada antes del tour y llegábamos tarde un 15 minutos al tour por perder el autobús, Camila no se presentó porque nos dijo que estaba enferma. Nos lo dijo cuando ya estábamos en el punto de encuentro, creemos que nos podía haber aviso con tiempo y no hubiéramos perdido nuestro tiempo.


Response from Camila:

El aviso con tiempo se dio a los viajeros que habían reservado ese tour con anterioridad, puesto que esta reserva fue hecha en horas de la madrugada la noche anterior a un tour que se hace AM, no tuve el tiempo de poder cancelar como lo hice con el resto de los viajeros. Pero muchas gracias por la experiencia, pues de ahora en adelante se podrá reservar para este tour (am) con un día de anticipación para no tener problemas de este tipo de nuevo, y continuar como ha sido hasta ahora, a tiempo y sin ninguna complicación. Lamento haber tenido que cancelar pero me encuentro sin voz que es la herramienta principal para realizar este trabajo. Espero disfruten su tiempo en Roma!


11 months ago

Our guide was on time. This tour was very informative and interesting. The walking pace was steady. We learned many facts and great stories about the history of Rome. Highly recommended!



12 months ago

The tour was very uniqe and interesting. Camila is very knowlegable and easygoing. We had a great time



12 months ago

We wanted to join a tour which is not a standard one and that we got.

Camilla led us through the streets of Rome with stories about death and murders from the past which were very interesting.

Camilla knew a lot about those dark stories and was very pleasant.

We enjoyed the tour very much and going to recommend it to our friends.

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