The Free Tour of the Inquisition and Witchcraft in Toledo

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FollowMe Toledo (Free Tour). We are official guides of Toledo, with 10 years of experience in the sector. We always look for new experiences for the client to enjoy the city, so we have the Rodrigo de la Fuente House visit that can only be visited with FollowMe Toledo. A house palace from the fifteenth century of a family of Jewish converts of the city and the most important silk merchants. Rodrigo De la Fuente and his family were highly related with El Greco, even mentioned in La ilustre Fregona, come with us and we'll tell you.

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If you have already done "Complete Toledo" with us, you cannot miss another way to see Toledo, not least, "The complement to a perfect day in Toledo"

The Inquisition and witchcraft in Toledo represent a dark period in the city's history, marked by persecution, fear and superstition . Toledo was an important religious and cultural center during the time of the Spanish Inquisition, which began in the 15th century and continued until the 19th century.

The Inquisition was an ecclesiastical court established by the Catholic Monarchs , Ferdinand and Isabella, to persecute and eradicate heresy and other practices considered contrary to the Catholic faith. In Toledo, the Inquisition had a tight grip on the population and carried out trials and public executions in places like the Plaza de Zocodover.

Witchcraft , considered a form of heresy, was also persecuted by the Inquisition in Toledo . People accused of practicing witchcraft or sorcery were often arrested, interrogated, and tortured to extract confessions. Sentences could include confiscation of property, public penance and, in extreme cases, execution by burning.

" The legends and folklore of Toledo are full of stories about witches and sorcerers who met in secret places," Although many of these stories may be exaggerated or fictitious, they reflect the climate of fear and superstition that prevailed in the city during the time. of the Inquisition.

Today, historic sites such as Calle de la Espadería and religious buildings such as the Toled Cathedral or the Alcazar serve as reminders of this turbulent period in the city's history and offer visitors the opportunity to learn about the Inquisition and witchcraft in Toledo.

Below, you will find an itinerary that combines places related to the Inquisition and witchcraft in Toledo. These are only the most important points:

- We will start our route in the Plaza de Zocodover , where most of the autos-da-fé were held in this city. These public acts, where the condemned abjured their sins and showed their repentance to reconcile with the Catholic Church.

- Walking through the streets of Toledo we will pass through the Plaza Mayor and the Posada de la Hermandad . In these places we will talk about the prisons, punishments and torture methods used by the Holy Inquisition.

- We will pass by San Pedro Mártir, from which the first auto-da-fé left in the 15th century with more than 700 people. In this place we will talk about the organization of the headquarters and the processes that are followed from the detection of the crime to the execution of the prisoner.

- Near the old Church of San Vicente we will talk about the end of the Inquisition in Spain and some of the stories of the most famous prisoners of the Inquisition in this city.

If you want to know what really happened with the Court of the Holy Office of the Inquisition in Toledo, this is your tour!

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What will we visit on this tour?

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    Pl. Zocodover, 5, 45001 Toledo, Spain
    Pl. Zocodover, 5, 45001 Toledo, Spain
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    Come to our FollowMe Toledo Office at Plaza Zocodover 5. We will serve you more comfortably. We seek your comfort

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    Cuesta de los Capuchinos
  • 2
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    Callejón Infierno
  • 3
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    Posada de la Santa Hermandad
  • 4
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    Alcázar de Toledo
  • 5
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    Catedral de Toledo
  • 6
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    Callejón Diablo

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Silvina 22 Nov 2023

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Travelled in group - Nov 2023
Estuvo muy bonito el tour y Sara, muy simpática.
Francisca 05 Nov 2023

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Travelled in group - Nov 2023
El tour de La inquisición en Toledo. (De brujería no cuentan nada)
Emilia 28 Oct 2023

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Travelled in group - Oct 2023
Carlos was great! He was so informative and passionate about the subject and approached the difficult topics with sensitivity and respect.
Marian 15 Oct 2023

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Travelled in couple - Oct 2023
Carlos es un encanto ,apasionado de la historia y así lo transmite
Antonio 13 Oct 2023

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Travelled in couple - Oct 2023
La ruta ha sido agradable y amena
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