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About Bath

One of the most charming and most visited small cities in England is without a doubt the beautiful Bath. With more than three thousand years old, it is located less than two hundred kilometers from the capital and is considered one of the preferred tourist destinations in the country. Declared as part of the World Heritage by UNESCO, it is a clear example of the typical English city of the countryside, with large green spaces and very well preserved Georgian buildings. This location in the United Kingdom is perfect to enjoy a small weekend getaway, where you can marvel at its recommended museums, tour its cozy streets, visit its ancient Roman baths, marvel at its genuine Gregorian architecture and breathe one of the atmospheres with Greater British essence. Famous for being one of the favorite holiday destinations of the English bourgeoisie, and closely linked to English classical literature, with figures as famous as Jane Austen, this villa keeps a great charm and special magic for all those tourists who tread for the first time the location.

Visiting this beautiful place is to travel through time to discover some of the most beautiful and interesting corners of English history. One of the first stops is undoubtedly its Roman baths located in the center, a meeting place for the most granada of the English society of the 18th century. The millenary Abbey of more than a thousand years old, is another essential stop, especially if you want to sign up for the recommended free walking tour in Bath, which travel through the most important places in the town.

Other essential stops are a walk along Royal Crescent Street, a visit to the Fashion Museum and the Assembly Room, where you can remember the lively dances of the time, which inspired the famous novelist for her works; in this way, the visit to the Jane Austen Center is another obligatory stop for the fans of this great writer. Approaching the price gardens of Parade Gardens, walking along the Pulteney Bridge, or walking through the Garden of Prior Park, are other highly recommended plans for those visitors who wish to know the most interesting places of the English village.

Those who wish to enjoy the most important and essential points of the city, can sign up for a free tour in Bath, an excellent alternative for travelers who have little time and want to concentrate the visit and make the most of their stay in this beautiful British corner.