What to see in Buenos Aires with Free Tours ?

Every Free Tour has a different and unique approach depending on places and stories the guide wants to share with travellers. However, some of the most visited places in these free tours in Buenos Aires are the following:

The National Congress;
Pink Government House;
Architecture of Avenida de Mayo, with its architecture and sites;
Congress Building;
Palacio Barolo;
Evita's Mural;
Plaza de Mayo, heart of Buenos Aires;
Colonial Town Hall;
Cafe Tortoni and Tango;
Mothers of the May Square;
Teatro Colón;
Streets of Retiro;
Recoleta neighbourhoods and Cemetery

These Tours will also bring you stories from the most glorious to the most terrible periods of Argentina. You will learn to know famous argentinian people such as Evita Peron and Pope Francis and also the biggest achievements, cultural strifes as economy and politics of this country.

Reserve your spot now on one of the Free Tours available and discover this city like nobody else can show it to you.