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Ich bin ein qualifizierter Reiseführer, ich bin 100% Sizilianer und ich liebe meine Stadt und meinen Job. Ich habe einen Abschluss in Kunstgeschichte, aber ich liebe auch alternative Touren. Ich bin in Palermo aufgewachsen, aber ich bin durch Europa gereist. Ich liebe es, Leute aus verschiedenen Ländern zu treffen.

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Bjørg 20.02.2020

So Lucky to have done this walk. It made me love Palermo more and want to come back to enjoy all the beautiful spots he showed us. Amazing guide! Funny, interesting with lots of fun facts. I am very grateful!!

Abbie 16.02.2020

Interesting 2-hour walkabout introducing Palermo old town, including both traditional places like the Cathedral or Sicilian food possibilities and more quirky stops like fascinating St Caterina , or “No Mafia” Memorial. Emanuele is engaging, fun & friendly. Recommend!

Eli 12.02.2020

Thank you so much for the tour, it was wonderful!!! We had a great time and we learned a lot! Thanks to you we got to see Palermo like we couldn't see otherwise, and even got a bit of a local's perspective! Thank you also for the recommendations, we'll try them one by one :)

Peter 28.01.2020

Great tour. Emanuele has wonderful enthusiasm and knowledge of the city.

Yulia 13.01.2020

Emanuele's such a great guide! He's in love with the city, country and history. He discovered new places for us, told many interesting facts and funny stories. Thanks to him we met other nice people on the tour.

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