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Wir sind Rosette- und Hannah-Reiseleiterinnen, die sich sehr für Geschichte und Kultur begeistern und Reisenden dabei helfen, kostenlose Stadtrundfahrten in Kampala zu erleben und zu genießen. Mit über 8 Jahren Erfahrung in der Reise- und Tourismusbranche nutzen wir unsere Leidenschaft, um andere weibliche Führer auszubilden und Flüchtlinge mit kostenlosem sauberem Trinkwasser zu unterstützen.

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Ratings (39)

08 Feb 2024
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25 Nov 2023 Montreal
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Excellent tour with Fatumah. We went to more places than what was on the tour list. We got a lot of interesting informations and a good idea of the most important places of Kampala. Would definitely recommend.

Amy Wasserman
04 Nov 2023
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In einer Gruppe gereist - Apr 2023

Awesome experience. Thank you so much. We wanted to go to the Bahai temple on our own after- and our guide joined us which was lovely- and made sure we got back to the hotel!

02 Oct 2023 Antwerpen
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Als Paar gereist - Mar 2023

Fatimah is a nice and enthousiastic guru who knows Kampala well. She shows you parts of the city you can’t find as a tourist. Worth it!!

22 Jul 2023 Lübeck
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Als Paar gereist - Jul 2023

Fatuma is an astonishing woman who has a very welcoming personality while being very respectful and gentle. We could not have wished for a better experience. She seemed to know absolutely everything about the city. She provides a very comforting and secure experience even while visiting the more hectic areas. If you are looking for tour to see the Kampala from an authentic perspective you have found your guide.

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Ratings (39)

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