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Free tour in Old Town of Vilnius

Dauer: 2Std.
Sprachen: Englisch
Guru: Ruta
Eingetragen am 19. Juli 2023

Hallo! Ich bin Ruta, Reiseleiterin und Reiseleiterin. Ich teile mein Leben mit zwei Ländern, Litauen und Indien, im Sommer begleite ich meinen Gast in meiner Heimatstadt Vilnius und im Sommer begleite ich meine litauischen Landsleute auf ihrer Reise in Indien. Ob es darum geht, durch die chaotischen Straßen von Delhi zu navigieren oder versteckte Schätze in Vilnius zu entdecken, mein Ziel als Reiseleiter ist es, bleibende Erinnerungen für Sie zu schaffen.

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Welcome to the enchanting Old Town of Vilnius. As your local guide, allow me to immerse you in our history and daily life.

Our tour begins at the Church of St. Anne, which allure whispers tales of medievals. We then embark on Pilies Street, a vibrant thoroughfare adorned with captivating facades, echoing centuries of vibrant heritage. Here, the past and present intertwine seamlessly, painting a vivid tapestry of Vilnius' evolution throughout the ages.

Pilies street takes us to the majestic main Cathedral and Gediminas Tower, the main symbols of our town. Their imposing presence not only affords breathtaking panoramic views, but also reveals the stories of our grand dukes, brave warriors, creations and destructions of Vilnius. Continuing our quest, we stroll past the President's house and Vilnius University, where the echoes of intellect and innovation reverberate within their hallowed walls. Here we have a chance to talk about nowadays government in Lithuania. Are we lucky enough to see Lithuanian president? Fingers crossed. 

But our adventure doesn't stop there. As we venture deeper into the labyrinthine streets, we uncover the hidden Jewish Quarter, a tapestry of poignant history and vibrant culture. The timeless melodies of Yiddish songs softly drift through the air, enticing you to join in and dance to the rhythm of a community that has endured throughout the ages.

Our tour will finish in the City Hall square, another monument of neoclassical architecture of Vilnius.  Here, the echoes of city governance and the pulse of Vilnius come together, recounting tales of celebrations, meetings, markets, theatre and prisons! 

Join me on this captivating two hours tour and let the stories of this historic enclave dance before your eyes. Book your tour with me and unlock the secrets of Vilnius like never before.

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Was werden wir auf dieser Tour sehen?

  • Treffpunkt:
    Maironio g. 10, 01124 Vilnius, Litauen
    Maironio g. 10, 01124 Vilnius, Litauen
    Ansicht auf Karte

    We will meet neat the sculpture of poet Adams Mickevičius near Church of St. Anne, Vilnius. I will have a placard in hands: "Old Town tour with Ruta"

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    Besuch von außen
  • 2
    Besuch von außen
    Pilies gatvė
  • 3
    Besuch von außen
  • 4
    Besuch von außen
    Kathedrale von Vilnius
  • 5
    Besuch von außen
    Universität Vilnius
  • 6
    Besuch von außen
    Präsidentenpalast von Litauen
  • 7
    Besuch von außen
    Eingang zum jüdischen Vilnius
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    Besuch von außen
    Rathaus von Vilnius

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Igor 22 Oct 2023

Geprüfte Reservierung
Als Paar gereist - Oct 2023
Ruta is a very friendly person and extremely professional guide 🌟 very knowledgeable, familiar with the context of history and absolutely objective regarding any topic. We very well learnd about the city and fall in love with! Ruta also sherd us very useful tips about the places to visit. Every recommendation!👍🏼
Pip Easling 16 Oct 2023

Geprüfte Reservierung
Allein gereist - Oct 2023
Ruta was amazing! On a chilly autumn morning, she agreed to host the tour even though it was just me. She was incredibly knowledgeable and gave the history of Lithuania a personal touch with some family stories. I highly recommend her, I can sometimes get bored when listening to too many dates and names of historical figures, but Ruta kept it fun and engaging the whole time.
Khalid 09 Oct 2023
Peachtree City

Geprüfte Reservierung
Allein gereist - Oct 2023
Ruta was an excellent guide. She is nice and very knowledgeable. The walking tour was very informative and I learned a lo. Ruta was able to answer all the questions professionally. When there is no proof and evidence to the provided information, she will mention it. I highly recommend Ruta as your next guide.
Thomas 02 Oct 2023
Fort Lauderdale

Geprüfte Reservierung
Allein gereist - Oct 2023
Informative and entertaining tour Lots of information provided
D 07 Sep 2023
Le Mesnil-le-Roi

Geprüfte Reservierung
In einer Gruppe gereist - Sep 2023
I was skeptical when I saw that we were the only people signed up for Ruta.s tour; usually free tours are so crowded. But, she was an excellent guide and we ended up spending 3 hrs with her. The more we got to know her , and her, us, the more she personalised the tour to cover themes and areas that she thought we would most enjoy. Very enjoyable ! Thank you, Ruta
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