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Explora la ciudad de Lusaka - Free Tour
Free Tour Explora la ciudad de Lusaka - Free Tour
11 opiniones
Duración: 2 horas y 30 minutos
Horas: 10:30


Guru: Darius
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Kristin 30 Oct 2022
Reserva verificada
Viajó solo - Oct 2022
Put on your comfortable walking shoes for this amazing walking tour through Lusaka! There may not be a lot of 'touristy' sights to see, but the city is bustling with activity. Let Darius walk you through the downtown core and get a sense of what day to day life is like in the city. Ask lots of questions, Darius is a wealth of information!
Explora la ciudad de Lusaka - Free Tour
Hapee 01 Oct 2022
Reserva verificada
Viajó solo - Sep 2022
Darius did a great job and it is not his fault that there is not much to see in Lusaka, we went through a vivid market and saw government buildings and the tourist market. Darius is knowledgeable about Lusaka and Zambia but also knows what is going around in the world, it was a pleasure to walk around Lusaka with him.
Explora la ciudad de Lusaka - Free Tour
Pavlina 13 Aug 2022
Reserva verificada
Viajó solo - Aug 2022
The tour with Darius was great! I got to know interesting and new information about Lusaka. Darius was helpful and knowledgeable and during the tour, we were able to see many places/monuments. Thank you Darius!
Explora la ciudad de Lusaka - Free Tour
Megan 04 Aug 2022
Abu Dabi
Reserva verificada
Viajó solo - Jul 2022
I absolutely LOVED this tour. I was the only person on the tour, so it was really nice to get to know Darius and learn more about Zambia and Zambian culture on a personal basis. He took me all kinds of neat places that I would have never thought to have seen. Lusaka is not very touristy, but it is a great place to see “real” life. Darius was excellent at bringing me through the streets to see what everyday life is like. After the tour, he even showed me some local food vendors and we had lunch together. Overall, this tour is incredibly unique and well worth your time! Thank you, Darius!
Explora la ciudad de Lusaka - Free Tour
Solomon 15 Jun 2022
Reserva verificada
Viajó solo - Jun 2022
Darius is such a warm personality and highly motivated guide (recommendable!). I truly enjoyed walking thought the business district of Lusaka. The tour of the National Museum is a must have during the walking tour of Lusaka. Having a local dish is a recommendable great way to end the tour. All respect for Darius who does a great job there; a true sample of excellent tour guide!
Explora la ciudad de Lusaka - Free Tour
Suzana 13 Jun 2022
San Galo
Reserva verificada
Viajó solo - Jun 2022
I had a great tour with darius. he is a smart young man with a lot of information about lusaka and sambia.
Explora la ciudad de Lusaka - Free Tour
Dami... 19 Mar 2022
Reserva verificada
Viajó solo - Mar 2022
Darius was a wonderful guide and we saw so many places in Lusaka. I really enjoyed the tour and I have learnt so much about Zambia /lusaka. Thank you Darius
Explora la ciudad de Lusaka - Free Tour