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Street art walk (exarcheia neighbourhood)

Tu guru: Magda
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Sobre el guru Magda

Hello everyone! I am Magda, I am a biomedical scientist and I like to travel and meet new people all around the globe. When there is no time for traveling, I try to be a kind of traveler in my own city. Many of us know the fact "Tourist in my own city". Well I am one of those "weird" persons. I am getting suprised every single moment of how amazing Athens is! (this is not ... Más »

Hello everyone! I am Magda, I am a biomedical scientist and I like to travel and meet new people all around the globe. When there is no time for traveling, I try to be a kind of traveler in my own city. Many of us know the fact "Tourist in my own city". Well I am one of those "weird" persons. I am getting suprised every single moment of how amazing Athens is! (this is not an exaggerated state, it's the true :P ) The magic of real traveling is wandering, "getting lost" in your own city, discover even more things and as a result love your city even more! I simply love my city because it combines everything, it has so many different places and its extremely difficult for someone to get bored. Well what else you should know about me is that on my free time I like playing my guitar, listening music, wandering in Athens, seeking new street art masterpieces, discovering new hidden places and panoramic viewpoints, dancing and taking shots of urban life. Let me think what else? Oh yes, I am a nature lover as much as an urban lover too. Let me show you my beautiful city and all the hidden gems that only locals (and sometimes not even all locals) know.. Lets be athenian travellers... Come, see and enjoy...

Sobre el tour

Recommended by: "The independent"

You can find more info: https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/europe/exarcheia-athens-riots-bars-galleries-restaurants-things-to-do-hipster-greece-a8307631.html

Welcome to the home of "urban resistance".

If you are keen on street art and you wish to explore Exarcheia neighbourhood this is the guruwalk for you. By this walk, you will learn about the history and local stories of Exarchia combined with some amazing street art work. Starting from the early 19th century till nowadays you will find out how this neighbourhood became the heartbeat of political and social resistance.

*Anyone can join. The guruwalk is based on tips - donations, so I leave it upon you.

*Please reserve your seat on time because small groups of people work better in this busy neighbourhood.

* The tour is estimated to be 2,5 - 3 hours and we are going to walk through the neighbourhood, so wear comfortable shoes!

*No food or drinking is included in tour.

Well, now let me give you some background info about the area we are going to visit.

Exarcheia is a vivid, artsy and authentic neighborhood with a lots of young people meeting and gathering here.

Many people know that area because of its bad reputation of the anarchists, but I guarantee that is really safe to walk here and it worths to. Furthermore what is amazing about this neighborhood apart from nightlife and street food, is street art. It's like an open gallery of street art. You will see many street artists that are known worldwide. My personal challenge for you is to be able to recognise some techniques and some street artists at the end of the tour.


PS: You may find out more info about this area in the link below:


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Como encontrarme: I will wait for you in the stairs of Old National Library!

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Opiniones (20)



1 día atrás

The perfect way to see the city

magda was great! the tour was very interesting. loved it



3 días atrás

We took many walking tours over the world, but this one was exceptionally good: original, fun and enlightening.

we learnt to differentiate between just vandalism from true street art.

the chocolates prizes got our attention up!

highly recommended, like any other.



10 días atrás

Magda is a great person with knowledge. it was impressive! we walked a lot but it was worth!!! honestly, i will recommend magda for my friends.



27 días atrás

Great tour!

magda, pleasantly and with great knowledge, introduced us to the street artists of athens and exposed us to social, economic and political events that influenced the inhabitants of athens and were expressed in fascinating colorful art



29 días atrás

Magda’s tour through the neighborhood of exarchia is a great way of experiencing an athens beyond its antique treasures. not only will you learn a lot about the vivid local street art scene but also hear interesting things about the history of this fascinating neighborhood.



hace 1 mes

Magda prepared an amazing tour, she's an expert in street art! she also told us a lot about every day life in athens. the atmosphere was very friendly, i could have gone on for hours like this, strolling through the streets and hearing stories about this and

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hace 1 mes

Magda was very enthusiastic and you could tell she has a genuine love for the street art of athens. i really enjoyed how relaxed and friendly the tour was, and how this meant we could talk about the art and about exarcheia in detail. highly recommended!



hace 2 meses

Great tour with magda - i can strongly recommend to those, who would like to discover an exiting 'off the beaten path' neighborhood in athens while exploring and understanding better the amazing street art pieces. magda is super friendly and shares her fascinating knowledge in a lighthearted way. you will enjoy the tour for sure!



hace 2 meses

It was an excellent tour. magda is very knowledgeable, with a great personality and i had a brilliant time. would recommend her anytime.


Isé Fabbrizio

hace 3 meses

Magda was a really kind and smilley guide, the tour was very interesting and playful. we discussed about our personal interpretations of the street art pieces and exchanges about many other subjects too. we had a great afternoon in her company, highly recommended ! :)


Sergi and Alex

hace 3 meses

Very good tour through exarchia neighborhood, the best tour if you are interested in street art, also, magda knows everything about it and she makes you enjoy it!

i recomend this to every street art lovers!!



hace 3 meses

I really enjoyed the tour with magda. she showed us around the cool neighborhood and we found places we would probably have never found alone. it was really fun with her and she had some good interpretations for all the different art works. she even made us recognize different artists at the end of the tour. she is really nice and even offered us after the tour to hang out a little bit more. i would totally recommend her tour! thanks magda :)


Meret - Elena

hace 3 meses



hace 3 meses

I really enjoyed the tour, magda is a great tourguide. the route and the street art we looked at was well chosen and now i look at exarcheia in a new way. i would definitely recommend to anyone, who is even slightly interested in street art!



hace 3 meses

The walk with magda was very nice! she shows amazing places and incorporates significant historical facts in her artistic tour, too. highly recomended for a great afternoon!



hace 3 meses

The street art walk with magda was amazing! she is friendly and kind. she gave us many information about street art and exarcheia neighbourhood. the walk experience was inspiring for me and i definitely recommend magda as a guru! : )



hace 4 meses

The tour was totally amazing! magda has a big knowledge about street art in athens, she showed us a lot of beautiful, interesting paintings. also she reffered to the history of athens and greece which made the tour even more interesting. highly recommended!



hace 4 meses

I loved the tour! magda was very friendly and i found out many interesting facts, which i didn't know previously. i would recommend this tour to others.



hace 5 meses

We enjoyed the tour in exarcheia. the weather was wonderful, the graffiti was interesting but above all our tour guide magda was the one that made our tour so pleasant and made our day. she took us to see some interesting spots in the neighbourhood, wraped them with details from the everyday life while answering our questions about normal life in athens. we will definitely recommend magda to anyone searching a tourguide in exarcheia.


Farchi Tal & Rivka

hace 5 meses

Great tour wonderful time. magda full of knowledge. we highly recommend.

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