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Book for free any of these guruwalks. When the tour ends you will be able to pay the guru whatever you consider fair. Some will pay €10, others $50. It's up to you!

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Get to know Florence in a new and exciting way by doing a free walking tour at one of the most iconic places in the city. You don’t always get the same impression of a city, since each time you go is different and there are different aspects to the culture, language and the customs of the people who live there, which always makes the trip unique and one of a kind. Discover all the hidden secrets of the Tuscan capital with GuruWalk. That’s no easy task, nor one you can expect to do in a day. Florence is the highest populated city in the region and it could be considered as a museum in and of itself: art, history, science, and philosophy flood its streets which are commonly filled with tourists from all around the world. 

You can find a large variety of free walking tours that will take you around the different neighborhoods and winding streets of Florence. Like one tour, that visits the Saint María del Fiore Cathedral or walks around the Piazza del Duomo (The Cathedral Square) and over the Old Bridge (Ponte Vecchio) and around the Old Palace. While others may visit the Pitti Palace, or the Republic Square, Michelangelo’s Square, and Signoria Square, or check out the Central Market. You can also choose to visit Boboli Gardens or stroll through the Squares and Gardens of the Santa Cruz Cathedral and the beautiful Saint Maria Novella Church. Among the options, the tour that takes walkers to visit  Michelangelo’s “David” is another unforgettable experience. 

Choose from a variety of the pay-what-you-want tours in Florence that take place every morning and afternoon and which are available in several languages, like English, Italian and many more. You can find other walkers' opinions and reviews about the tours on the Gurus profiles and decide which guided tour you would most like to do. You can book any of the tours at no cost on the GuruWalk page and you can do as many as you would like so that you can really get to know this beautiful Italian city. After, you may be interested in visiting other places like Naples, Palermo, Genoa or Turin to really get the most out of your Italian holidays!