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Hi I’m Nick the Bastard, former Goth rock superstar from “Christian Death” and I can take YOU on a life changing tour of the Rock’n’Roll haunts of Notting Hill, showing you the sights, the sounds, the smells, of London’s funkiest area. THRILL to the sight of Sarm West Recording studio, “home” of Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley and Band Aid and the brightly coloured houses of Lancaster Road. GASP at the sight of Portobello Hotel, where Jimi Hendrix died and Oasis partied. SLURP in Finch’s public house where Lemmy dealt drugs....sometimes to me. In an hour long tour from Great Western Road to Elgin Crescent Nick the Bastard will take you on a mind blowing tour of the rock and roll sights and sounds, past and present, of Notting Hill. As what Nick the Bastard doesn’t know about Notting Hill isn’t worth knowing.

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28 Jul 2023 Croydon
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Travelled alone - Jul 2023

14 Jan 2023
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Travelled in couple - Jan 2023

24 Dec 2022 Capdepera
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Travelled in couple - Dec 2022

03 Sep 2022 Manchester
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Travelled in couple - Sep 2022

Nick is a nice guy and very flexible. He definitely knows the area.

13 Aug 2022 Bosa
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Travelled in couple - Aug 2022

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