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The History of Art and Architecture has always moved me, being unlimited fuel for other passions such as travelling and getting in touch with different cultures, perspectives and conceptions of the world. I am a Brazilian Architect who found in the city of Rome itself the school of my dreams.

I'm currently an Architecture-Conservation Master's student in Rome, and for me it is natural to perceive the city as a living document ready to be read and appreciated. Therefore, it will be a pleasure for me to share with you some knowledge and enrich your perceptions on the Eternal City, together with its symbols, its paths along History and the magnificent Cultural Heritage it produced for Humanity.

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Anne Marieke de Geest 1 day

This is a great tour. Pedro is engaging and very knowledgeable due to his background in architecture conservation and you can tell he really loves to talk about the various beautiful piazzas of Rome, what happened there and how they came to be. We experienced this tour as a brief dive into the history of some lesser known landmarks. Pedro is very helpful in giving information on what to visit during the rest of your days in Rome (which can be especially difficult during these C19-times). Thank you, Pedro!

Response from Pedro
Thank you very much Anne and Poliana, I'm happy to know you've enjoyed the tour! I wish you a great time in Italy!
DebrA Fertig about 22 hours

Pedro is a great guide with a huge doubt of knowledge and perfect English. He is able to tie together the massive loose threads of Roman history and make an unforgettable experience. Thank you Pedro!

Response from Pedro
Thank you very much for your words Debra, they make me keep studying and encourage me to seek better and more effective ways of sharing knowledge.
Yassin Bolzano 3 months

Very informative and interesting!

Response from Pedro
Thank you guys, it was a very pleasant walk!
Chelsea Peraza 3 months

We had an amazing time on this tour with Pedro! He was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the architecture, art, and history of Rome. We learned so much and you can tell he is truly excited and enthusiastic to teach people about Rome. Definitely a must do, we had a wonderful time!

Response from Pedro
Thank you very much! It was a pleasure to show you around in your first day in Rome. I hope you enjoy your time here and please come back, there's a lot more to explore!
Atliana 4 months

Pedro is an outstanding tour guide, who has a comprehensive knowledge on the history, architecture and art of Rome. I highly recommend taking this tour whether you’re a first, second or several times visitor to Rome. The tour is carefully and thoughtfully structured and through visiting each of the squares, Pedro weaves a rich and interesting narrative on the political, religious and civic history of the Roman Empire and modern Rome. The architectural and artistic perspectives Pedro shares really helps to bring the various buildings, churches, fountains and artworks alive and I learnt a lot of new information about places and artworks that I’d previously visited. Pedro was great at tailoring the tour to my specific interests and was very thoughtful in suggesting other places that I could visit outside of the tour. Pedro is a warm, intelligent and articulate guide and I can’t thank him enough for a wonderful tour.

Response from Pedro
Thank you very much Atliana, your words mean a lot to me. We've spent a good time walking together and I'm really happy you've trully enjoyed it. Have a wonderful stay in Italy!

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