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I'm a 37 year old Australian tour guide. I've been living in Lagos on and off for the last 12 years, after getting married and buying a house in the last 12 months, I've decided to make Lagos my home. I love a good time and love helping others have a good time. I'm also passionate about the beauty of Portugal and the Algarve and want nothing more than to show it off to others.

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15 days ago

Brodie was awesome! Would 100% recommend this free walking tour around Lagos. Brodie even offered a few other tours if you are interested but there is no pressure.



1 month ago

Had the best walking tour with Brodie, learning about the history and culture of Portugal! So very knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had, we even got an almond treat at the end!

Being a free walking tour is great as you pay what you think it’s worth (not that it is ever bought up through the tour) and this one was well worth my €20!

I think the previous reviewer who only gave it a two star was probably stoned himself as Brodie was very much on the ball for the whole two

Thanks so much,


Carli Susu

1 month ago

Today we indulged in another one of the 'free' 'pay what you like' GuruWalk tours, this time in local Lagos. So far these have been superb. Not so much this one. Brody was our guide, a tall, long-haired Aussie dude, and his heart clearly wasn't in it. Almost every place Brody showed us was closed, so it was, "Here's a fabulous old church with a Chapel of , it's closed. Here's the , it's closed. This is my favourite place to have Oh, it's closed."

It was a bit of a non-tour, and my partner seemed to know more about Portuguese history, and filled Brody in (not literally!) over missed facts, while I, as a previous tourist in this town, gave the other two participants some handy hints of what to do in the locality, and could name the birds and flowers. Brody didn't stop to wait while I took pictures, and I found myself constantly running to try and keep up. It's also been a long while since someone took the piss out of me for being vegetarian, and Brody found it bizarre that we didn't kill and eat animals, and kept recommending 'delicious' meat dishes to try. Fucking hilarious. I would recommend that Brody doesn't get stoned before he next takes tourists out.


Response from Brodie:

Hahaha, indulged, the tour is free mate, you tipped me 10€ and I really wish you kept it especially when your missus held up the tour because she needed to visit the bottleshop. 11am drinking, who didn't take the tour seriously, maybe next time save your money for Carli's morning drink. Less than 2% of Portuguese people are vegetarian, what a surprise that most of my cultural food and restaurant tips are not suitable for plant eaters. No need for slander, you looked a hell of a lot more stoned than me and seeing as I received a 5 star review from the other guests on tour, most likely it was just you. I don't pretend to know about birds and flowers, woops you wanted bird watching tour, not free tour. Enjoy the rest of your indulgent travels keyboard warrior.