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Hi! this is Aly. I'm a professional tour guide based on history, culture architecture, and the slave trade on the East African coast, I have enough experience on how to guide tourists and I know how to handle tourists either in groups or with two people it's been a long time now I'm doing this

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22 Nov 2023
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Travelled in group - Nov 2023

27 Jun 2023 Atlanta

We really enjoyed our Stone Town tour with Aly. He was nice, funny, informative and engaging. He had great information and we learned so much about the history of Zanzibar on his tour. He was also accommodating and found us a bathroom and stopped by the market per our request during the tour. Highly recommend that you book a tour with Aly!

24 Jun 2023 Atlanta

Aly was such a great guide! Even before our tour he was trying to help me find a charger for my phone. He was very knowledgeable and also engaged with us throughout the tour by asking us questions and answered pretty much all the questions we had. We were looking for specific items to buy at the market and he took us to the area he thought would be best. My experience overall was really great and I’d recommend Aly to others who are interested in learning about the history of Stone Town.

20 Jun 2023

I would definitely recommend a walking tour with Aly! He was super professional, identifying himself with his ID card and handling sensitive topics like the history of the Slavs trade and religious questions delicately. He was also able to accommodate the various needs that arose in our group. I recommend this tour with Aly as a way to get to know Stone Town!

09 Jun 2023

Aly is such a good guide. You feel that he really loves his job. He is really professionnal, make effort to speak french, his explications were very completed, he cares about your expectations. The best for me in the island!!

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