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Hi, my name is Eva, I would love to show you the beauty, the secrets, of this city and to transmit you my passion for the French capital. I have been working as a guide for five years, I try to make sure that my tours arouse your curiosity and knowledge of the city, so I bring an ipad with me to show you more details about the history of this fascinating city.

I studied art history and I don't know since when my passion for the city of Paris started, but certainly very young, I was immersed in books about French literature, and about the historical events that happened in Paris.

One day I read this phrase of a philosopher named Cioran who said "You can't be French, but you can be Parisian", so I decided to move to Paris 5 years ago, and immediately I started working as a guide. I feel more and more rooted and fascinated by this city.

I consider myself an enthusiastic and passionate person who loves to connect with other people, I hope to give you a great, deep, enjoyable and fun experience of Paris with this tour.

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Ratings (961)

03 May 2023 Chester
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28 Apr 2023 Netanya
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22 Apr 2023 Vienna
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21 Apr 2023 Paris
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The guide never showed up, nor responded to any of my messages.

Wim Vleugels
14 Apr 2023 Geel
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Travelled in couple - Feb 2023

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