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Day tours are considered as a trade-mark for iHouse Travel. Combining natural beautes and rich

history of Herzegovina, our tours have been recognized as one of the best in the country.

Accompained by knowledgable and experienced guides, you will have the best opportunity to see,

feel, learn and taste local history in just one day.

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16 Aug 2021 Nicosia
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Travelled in group - Aug 2021

Miran has been a great guide. He was fun, shared stories and myths about Mostar in a very pleasant way and he gave us historical information that we could easily follow and understand! Highly recommended 👍👍

15 Aug 2021 New York
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Travelled in group - Aug 2021

29 Jul 2021 Lyon
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Travelled in group - Jul 2021


18 Jul 2019

5 star. We booked in (just 2 persons) and they were still going to run the tour. Luckily another 4 turned up just as we were about to leave. The tour guide was exceptional in his knowledge and history. He explained historical and local events in a professional way that was easy to understand. He allowed extra time for questioned to the point that the tour extended way pass the hours. All the group were pleased that he was thorough. He was easy to understand in English and obviously had a passion and relationship with Mostar.

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