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Join me on an Experienced Walking Orientation around the city and dwell in the flavors of Greek Culinary,. I have miles under my shoes and loads of knowledge. Knowing the city inside out.

You’ll Experience The Real Athens - THE BIG OLIVE.


A fun, energetic and delightful positive walk around History, Landmarks, Culture, Mythology, Restaurants, Shopping and Markets are just waiting for you to explore.

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Amaya Lavi 3 months

shiran 3 months

Such a wonderful experience! One of the best tours we’ve ever had thanks to Sam!

Anastasia 3 months

Sam is utterly awesome and bright person, really loved chatting to her and listening the stories about kings and gods of Greece. She’s very open and friendly. Gave me a lot of tips where to go and what to do after the tour, send me all the details and links afterwards, that was very sweet. I’ll definitely contact her next time I’m in Athens! Highly recommend!!

Ben Passy 3 months

Sam is amazing and I recommend her tour.

Response from Sam
Hi Ben, Amazing review- Thank You and for your support and recommendation it is greatly appreciated. Regards Sam
Marie 3 months

Great walk through the city center of Athens! You will get a good overview of the city with interesting insights and history! Sam is really lovely and makes the best out of your stay! I highly recommend this tour.

Response from Sam
Hi Marie, Thank You for the great review, your support and recommendation. Making a wonderful experience creates your memories. Regards Sam

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