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My name is EDEM KWAWU born and raise in GHANA WEST AFRICA in Accra the Capital. I am a graduate with the honor of Civil Engineering. I am a very sunny and open person. My heart is filled with love and affection. My close people say that I am a cheerful and bright Guy. I always try to share my good mood with other people. I like to smile. I love to give surprises and I think that attention and awe are key to a happy Volunteering. I care about the feelings of other people. Life is just one, so I try to use every chance for the creation of my happiness and enjoyment every day. Currently, with a new form organization called Sight On Site Ghana, we are into Tourism and Volunteering (Voluntourism). In as much as Tourism is to have fun, we added Volunteering to make a positive impact on society as lives are touch positively. Our passionate and committed top-notch industry expert and professional team works meticulously to not just meet, but exceed all needs, wants, expectations, and demands of even the most extremely sophisticated customers throughout the customer journey activities and experiences! Ghana is a country that has an internationally acclaimed excellent reputation and goodwill of social, cultural, democratic, and political stability. With peace, safety, security, and tranquility, you will experience the astonishing hospitality of the friendly and courteous people of Ghana and as well as the impeccable customer courtesies and comfort offered by our professional, passionate, committed dynamic and proactive team. Special Interest Vacation, Excursions, Recreation, Leisure, Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Packages Life is about PEACE AND LOVE ALWAYS.

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Christoph 08/13/2021

Thaisha 07/27/2021

Was super cool. First time in ghana. Learn a lot of information that's worth knowing. He was informative and helpful. Went to art center n picked up a few things.

Tarika 06/15/2021

Edem was an excellent tour guide and the tour of Accra's sites was informative, fun, and really showed a large number of attractions in the city. Edem was very knowledgeable and made the entire tour a great experience. I would highly recommend others to take the tour.

Charlotte 03/20/2020

Edem was a great guide and gave me an insight to Ghana; the history, culture and everyday life, that you wouldn't get from reading or going in a big group. Highly recommend!

Taara 03/16/2020

Edem was a great tour guide. He communicated well and had a wealth of knowledge to share about Accra. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and continued to stay in touch throughout our visit. I recommend this to anyone visiting Accra. 5 stars!

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