About Manuel Ramón

Let's experience the Andalusia culture and lifestyle, discover the history of my homeland with a great guide.

I own one private 8 and 6 seat fully air-conditioned vans that make transportation around Sevilla as well as other Andalucia cities and sites, easy and pleasant, without any extra transportation cost! Most important: you can stop whenever you like!

I am a full-time official tour guide, I have been working in Seville and Andalucia for the last three years. I'm used to working with the team of multi-languages colleagues guides.

In my experience as a tour guide and in life, I understand that each person is unique and what is fast for one can be slow for others. One of my skills is to quickly get to know people and develop a fluid and open communication to understand their needs and adapt the tour to them.

I am a geographer and interpreter of landscape. I am very enthusiastic about my homeland which I feel a deep affinity for, however, I also love the world so I have lived in more than eight countries: Poland, Denmark, Malta, France, Morocco, India, Perú, Israel-Palestine and Turkey. I was teaching, researching and attending academic courses about history, geography and antropology around the world. Furthermore, I love traveling and I have visited more than 50 countries in Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

My experiences abroad have contributed to my personal growth, giving me the tools to better understand various cultures; widening my horizons, understanding history and culture from different points of view. All of those factors enable me to understand the needs of my customers and deliver them an unforgettable experience.

My tours are designed on my academic background. Geography, History and Anthropology are the disciplines that have influenced the content of my speeches and let me interpretate the historic and cultural heritages of my country.

I hold a Degree in Geography and History as well as an MA in tourism and another in Spanish Language Teaching. I also attained a Mountain Guide certification.

I love to show the most authentic and deep part of my homeland same as I like to rediscover Spain as a tourist.

Seville and Andalucía hold some of the most spectacular monuments and sceneries on earth. I will lead you in an original way to hidden, secret places of this beautiful territory. You will return with valuable and lasting memories in your suitcase to treasure and share with your friends and family. Come and experience the world with new eyes and continue exploring the beauty around us.

You can choose the language of your tour: French, German or Chinese. Tell me what is your priority and I will customize your tour.


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1 month ago

Muy buena excursión! Manuel Ramón un genio! Muy buena onda. Muy recomendable



6 months ago

The kayaking was a lot of fun. Manuel was very friendly and helpful. The kayak and equipment were in very good condition. There were changing rooms and showers available too.

A couple of points that could improve the tour are: Manuel could project his voice a little louder as sometimes it was hard to hear what he was saying on the river. A little more information could have been provided at a few of the stops along the way.

Overall it was a pleasant evening on the river.