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Best things to do and see in Seville

Seville is the capital of Andalusia, located in Southern Spain and is one of the main tourist attractions in the country because of its pleasant climate, rich history, culture and the delicious cuisine it has to offer. It is also said to be the birthplace of Flamenco music, although there are many different sides with respect to this story, it is clear that this amazing musical form definitely has its roots in the Andalusian province. 

If you do a free walking tour in Sevilla, you will be able to visit all the city’s most emblematic landmarks and monuments. Take a boat ride in the Guadalquivir River or simply walk along its banks which is always a great plan for such a beautiful city. Other places of interest you should visit are the Giralda, Maria Luisa Park, the Sevillean Cathedral, the Real Alcázar, the Archivo de Indias, or go see the old City Walls and the Santa Cruz district. You can choose other routes through the city, choose a tour that’ll take you to the Torre del Oro, or get lost in the Triana neighborhood, stroll through the Alfalfa district, or the Plaza del Salvador or maybe go to Encarnacion Plaza to see the Metropol Parasol. 

 Enjoy a guided tour with a qualified, professional tour guide who can show you all those lesser-known spots in one of Spain’s most beautiful cities. You can choose from guided tours that take place in the morning, afternoon, or evening. You can also read other walker’s reviews online and see what they had to say about the guided tours you are considering. Other cities that may be of interest for you as you plan your Spanish trip are, CĂłrdoba, Málaga or AlmerĂ­a.