About Hanoi Free Tours

We are a free tour operator providing the best free tour experience in Hanoi. Our tour guides are trained and experienced students, they are humorous, friendly and always try to do the best things for our guests, they love what they are doing and would love to show you around Hanoi city!

As travel companions, volunteers are non-profit members helping tourists to explore Hanoi, and giving them the chance to experience the natural local life. We want you to understand Vietnam through the eye of locals, avoiding some risks such as getting overcharged.

While our goal is to provide you information, and that you gain insights into Vietnamese people, culture, customs and lifestyle, which greatly contribute to the development of Vietnamese tourism; we also look that our guides actively explore and preserve the values of Vietnam, improve their English and professional skills by having the opportunity to experience multicultural environments in Hanoi, thus creating great training opportunities for them before working in an international workplace.

Each tour occurs in a full day or a half day, visiting attractions such as Temper of Literature, Hanoi Old Quarter, Bát Tràng pottery village, Vạn Phúc silk village and so on.

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2 days ago

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Response from Hanoi Free Tours:

Dear Bart Could you please give us the reason why you give us 1* review?


2 days ago

I turned up 1-2 min before tour start time after booking online night before and being sent a booking confirmation. No one there. Called up, got told “can I call you back in 1 min?”. Sure. 5 mins later I receive a text saying “very sorry, we’re fully booked today, are you free another day?”. For a fully booked tour, there was a surprising lack of people at the meeting point at the designated time, so I conclude this was a lie and they hadn’t organised the tour for the day (perhaps due to low numbers, no idea why in truth). Frankly, I’ve never had such a disingenuous and time wasting experience - they had my number and booking if they’d wanted to advise in advance that the tour would not go ahead and save me crossing the city to get to the meeting point - they did not use it. 1* generous.

I strongly advise travellers to give this provider a wide berth and use a more reliable operator. The free tour concept has worked fantastically elsewhere for me, but here it was a disaster.

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Response from Hanoi Free Tours:

Dear Nedal We are really sorry for our mistake today that make you have to waste time and feel Uncomfortable about that, but in fact, our tour was full of booking because we did not just receive bookings from guruwalk and the tour started before that 5 minutes. For the late notify about your booking, it is 100% our mistake because of the number of booking today over our control so that our staff forgot to notify you about the full of booking. We are really sorry about this mistake we hope you can understand for us.


7 days ago

Very good students. Very nice.