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I am Darius, and I have lived in Lusaka, Zambia for the most part of my life. I know the city very well and I can find my way around easily.

I love socializing, and I am an easy person to talk to, if you can interact then we can definitely be friends.

I love Zambia and the rich culture we have as a country and I want the pleasure of having to share that with someone.

As far as tour guiding is concerned, I don't have much experience, what I do have however is more than enough knowledge and my way around Lusaka city. What I know and believe is that even the most expert tour guide had to start somewhere.

So allow me to let us explore Lusaka city together.

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17 Nov 2022 Kawasaki
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Travelled alone - Nov 2022

30 Oct 2022
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Travelled alone - Oct 2022

Put on your comfortable walking shoes for this amazing walking tour through Lusaka! There may not be a lot of 'touristy' sights to see, but the city is bustling with activity. Let Darius walk you through the downtown core and get a sense of what day to day life is like in the city. Ask lots of questions, Darius is a wealth of information!

01 Oct 2022 Amsterdam
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Travelled alone - Sep 2022

Darius did a great job and it is not his fault that there is not much to see in Lusaka, we went through a vivid market and saw government buildings and the tourist market. Darius is knowledgeable about Lusaka and Zambia but also knows what is going around in the world, it was a pleasure to walk around Lusaka with him.

14 Sep 2022 The Hague
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Travelled in couple - Sep 2022

Do you want a walking tour? Book this tour, because it’s the only thing you do. Walking. Darius didn’t have much knowledge and didn’t explain a lot. I had to ask for information. And when he gave some, he just did it walking and only to me. Very disrespectful to my girlfriend. Waste of our time and at the end he asked for a minimum tip of USD$25 per person. Lazy and an amateur. Do not waste you time.

13 Aug 2022 Prague
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Travelled alone - Aug 2022

The tour with Darius was great! I got to know interesting and new information about Lusaka. Darius was helpful and knowledgeable and during the tour, we were able to see many places/monuments. Thank you Darius!

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