About 3BTours

The 3B, well, beautiful and cheap. That's how we think the tours have to be, available to everyone. That is why 3BTours is a project born by and for guides. From other companies, the most experienced guides joined together to currently form one of the leading companies in the sector. With its tours in free tour format, any traveler can sign up to be guided in different cities of Europe, in a fun and entertaining way, to get to know first hand the history and legends of the places where we are. Bratislava is a quiet city that is enjoyed day by day through its people. It is perfect to connect with Slavic culture, since it is not excessively large and full of history. We are caught by its medieval streets, the castle at the top of the hill, bronze figures everywhere and the feeling that, more than a European Capital, it is a small town resisting the advance of time. That was the reason we definitely fell in love with this Slovak city. We know that we have the best guided tours in Spanish in Europe, since all those who work at 3BTours have lived in the cities where they guide enough to share their enormous experience. It is not about releasing a roll of history, or saying kings' names or dates. It's about living the city you visit, share it and enjoy it. To know the customs of the place, to get lost, to be filled with curiosities and to understand their language a little. Having stepped on hundreds of bars and museums, fighting with the cold of winter and filling up with beer in summer. In short, it is about making that city your home. And that is what we offer you. Our house. We show it to you whenever you want.

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