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Ahoy there! My name is Václav, and if you can pronounce it, congratulations, you have just passed my friend test! For everyone else, you can call me V, that is until I teach you to read the Czech alphabet. I am a locally licensed tour guide with 6 years of experience, as well as being a native Prazan. Showing new people our beloved Prague is the one thing that gets us out of bed in the morning.

Nico is my best friend, colleague, and famed opera singer of Bolivian and Czech descent, who will show you a brilliant city full of wonder, and complete with a few a song or two if you’re lucky!

Prague is a magical city, full of history, and unbelievable stories that will make your jaw drop so far that you might need a traumatologist after visiting (some Czech humor). Book today for a chance to see beautiful Prague as we do

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Ratings (193)

Raz 09/20/2021

Response from Vaclav
Thank you Raz! It was fun to have you on the tour!
Raquel 09/20/2021

Great tour! Interesting and fun

Response from Vaclav
Thank you Raquel! ❤️❤️❤️
Suzanne 09/19/2021

Response from Vaclav
Thank you Suzanne for your review and for your feedback! Happy you enjoyed the tour! (Vaclav)
Tatjana 09/19/2021

Response from Vaclav
Thanks, Tatjana! It was fun to have you on the tour today!
Ben 09/19/2021

Great, fun and informative tour! I highly recommend it to everyone visiting Prague!

Response from Vaclav
Thanks Ben! Happy you liked our Free Walking Tour!

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