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Welcome! I'm Paul, your enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guide. With over 5 years of experience in bringing the rich history of our city to life, I'm thrilled to share its fascinating stories with you. As a lover of music, I often find myself at concerts and festivals, soaking in the vibrant local culture. But above all, I have a deep passion for history and can't wait to take you on a memorable journey through the past. Let's explore together and create unforgettable experiences!

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16 Mar 2024 Buenos Aires
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Travelled in group - Mar 2024

19 Feb 2024 Warsaw
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Travelled in couple - Feb 2024

Walking around the city with Paul was an amazing experience. He knows a lot about the city and its history. He is friendly and easy-going. We were a bit late and We know he is a new registered guide at Guru (however, he is an experience guide), but please don't be afaird to book a tour with him since with will be an amazing experience.

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