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A British-Italian Expat, here in Rome for 6 years. You can find me in coffee shops, people watching or around town with my backpack searching for the best street food or authentic espresso.

Naturally curious, and with 48 countries under my travel belt I am always looking to add a new experience and dive into the local culture. Just like when you get home and you want to tell all your friends about your holiday, I want to share and tell you all about Rome. Together we will open doors and look through windows the average tourist may not experience.

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Ratings (86)

Hannes 09/27/2021

Manuja 09/27/2021

Informative and not very lengthy, the tour with Colin was very enjoyable.

Bianca 09/26/2021

Great tour to learn more about some of Rome‘s sights + tips on restaurants and bars to visit! Thanks Colin!

Oliver 09/21/2021


Francisco 09/20/2021

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Ratings (86)