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I am Harry, and being a Tour Guide is a massive privilege for me and one I am desperately seeking more of. I genuinely love History- my first love was Arthurian legend and Robin Hood which really just whipped up my passion for medieval history and British history onward. Equally I am a massive lover of classic literature and so Westminster and it's Abbey (which is not far from being comparable to Paris' Père Lachaise Cemetery because of the amount of juggarnauts of yesteryear who are buried there) are one of my favourite spots in London, and always have beenm, and are always increasingly so as there is just more and more to learn. I love music and have toured Europe and US with a band and, needless to say, love to travel. Really would just love to discuss these passions of mine more as well as find out more about other people and other places.

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1 month ago

We had a really great time and learnt a lot of interesting things so thank you so much!

We really appreciate how considerate you were to guide us on what we’re interested in and you have a welcoming demeanour so it was very nice to have you as a guide.

Its clear you have a really wide knowledge of the history of London. Highly recommend!