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Hi everyone!

This is Marcius

I have a degree in History and I love reading every day about the Ancient Times.

I'm an official tour guide for the city of Rome and the Vatican.

In addition to Guru Tours, I work with the big Roman tourism agencies that organize classic tours inside the Archaeological Park of Colosseum.

I've been thinking about doing some tours occasionally to see what it's like.

I liked it and continued to offer this type of tour in my free time.



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05 Jan 2024 Manchester
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Travelled in family - Feb 2023

Thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Marcius, who is an excellent tour guide. Marcius vividly described the history of the Colosseum and the gruesome games held there. We were lucky we ended up having a private tour so that Marcius could tailor the tour to give enough detail to engage our teenage son without being too graphic. I'd highly recommend the tour and in hindsight we should have paid him more. Thank You Again.

09 Apr 2023 Amsterdam
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Travelled in couple - Mar 2023

Marcius is very passionate about his profession!

Response from Marcius
Ugyen, thank you for your contribution. Cheers
09 Apr 2023 Madrid
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Travelled in couple - Apr 2023

Marcius es un guía estupendo, muy formado en la materia y entusiasta de su trabajo, resuelve todas las dudas y hace que la experiencia sea amena!

Response from Marcius
Elena, Thank you so much for the nice review and for the FIVE STARS. I wish you a wonderful stay here in Rome. Cheers. Marcius
05 Apr 2023 Fort Wayne
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Travelled alone - Apr 2023

Response from Marcius
Gabrielle, Thank you so much for the FIVE STARS review. I wish you a wonderful stay here in Rome. Cheers! Marcius
05 Apr 2023 Bogotá
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Travelled alone - Apr 2023

Not the best walking tour in Rome, it was boring. The site have way more potential of what the guide shows, I guess I was expecting too much.

Response from Marcius
Marcela, thank you for your contribution. Can't please everyone.I know that but... let me... copy paste from what you wrote me in the section of professionalism of the GURU. "The your was really boring, I was expecting a wonderful tour based on the review I read. The route wasn't the best, he chose the worst part of the Imperial Forum to do it, he didn't went in the side of the Roman Formun where you can see a lot of ruins of different temples and architecture, he chose the side where you have a wall in front. " Well Marcela, to get inside the Roman Forum you have to pay a ticket at least 25 euro from the official site of the Colosseum with no explanation. But you can rent an audio guide 6 euro otherwise, if you want explanation you rent even a tour guide only for yourself and the price goes at least at 180 euro for three hours Otherwise 55 or 65 euro per person in a group of at least 25 up to 37 people with radios, headsets etc... if you are lucky to find a travel company these days with these prices I'm an official your guide. I bring people inside the Colosseum and I how much the companies charges for the tickets. You choose a walking tour outside the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine. I even added in the description , even in the welcome message, that , we don't get inside the Archaeological Park. The tour as I wrote is outside the Colosseum, walking on the road Fori Imperiali... .... Too bad people don't read the description. I wish you a wonderful stay here in Rome, Marcela Cheers

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