Guru: Francesca

Since I was 15, I used to skip school to hide at the National Gallery of Modern art in Rome and seat in front of Klimt, Guttuso, Balla, Carra'. This passion took me to deepen the studies of art at the university and make of it a choice of life. Impossible for me to imagine a different way to share it without being a tour guide. I started on April 2001, I am a licensed tour guide of Rome, next year is going to be my twentieth anniversary of incredible experiences with you. I consider art the most important expression of our freedom but I do think that today we wouldn't be able to create anything interesting whithout the education of the ancient artists, that's way I moved my steps into archeology too and there is no better city than Rome to enjoy it! You really don't need a class to enjoy it but a nice easy walk, good informations about, beautiful pictures to never forget these moments and a great coffee, beer or good glass of wine to appreciate good life! Waiting for you Francesca

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