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Hi! I am Ahmet, a professional tour guide licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture and all my tours are being conducted under the regulations and price policy of the Ministry. Feel free to contact me for more information.....

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22 May 2024 Montreal
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Travelled alone - May 2024

This is not a typical free tour, this tour took a bit more than 7 hours ... but it was very much worth it! We visited all the areas of interest in the city (Ataturk mausoleum, the roman ruins, the Ankara Castle and the old town around it, half of which is touristic, half still being fixed up) and so many places that a foreign tourist would never find out about, like a selcuk mosque, the ruined old Jewish neighborhood, some typical restaurants and coffeehouses, etc. The guide is very knowledgeable and ready to provide so much useful advice not only about Ankara but also other parts of Turkey. Highly recommend!

07 May 2024 Warsaw
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Travelled in couple - Apr 2024

It is a long tour, but its definitely worth it if you are in Ankara - there is not much information online on what to see and explore in Ankara which is misleading. Ahmet proves that there is a lot things to see and experience. I can recommend the tour, Ahmet clearly loves the city and his job and makes the tour really fun. Bring comfortable walking shoes so you can keep up ;)

02 May 2024 Sherbrooke
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Travelled alone - Apr 2024

For me it was more than a tour. I learned a lot about Ataturk, Islam and history of Türkiye. We took an unexpected dinner in a great restaurant. I consider Ahmet more like a friend than a tourist guide.

01 May 2024 Montreal
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Travelled alone - Apr 2024

21 Mar 2024 Katherine
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Travelled alone - Mar 2024

Fantastic guide! I would recommend this tour to ever traveller to Ankara. I did not really think there was much to explore in Ankara and Ahment proved me wrong! I have a new found appreciation for the capital. The amount of knowledge Ahmet has in Turkish history is phenomenal. The route he has planned is extremely interesting and he easily keeps you engaged throughout the tour. Ahmet was able to accommodate me by myself on his day off which was really kind. He is very open and you can ask him any question about Turkish history, culture, politics ancient or current. Thank you so much for your time Ahmet.

Response from Ahmet
It was a pleasure for me to host and meet you in the anchor of this ship-shaped country, Ankara. I enjoyed every minute of it. Wish you all the best in your upcoming tours. Adios.

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