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Rafael 27 May 2023

This was such a great tour! Rafael was super knowledgeable and friendly, and I ended up meeting a lot of great people. He won’t show you the most cliché or common things which I really appreciated. He was also flexible and accommodated for my specific interest during the tour. He clearly cares about the community which made his description of Berlin‘s queer scene extra touching. Would absolutely take this again next time I’m in Berlin.
Homolulu.Berlin - Tour della città in bicicletta LGBTQ "Berlino inventa l'omosessualità - storia queer dal 1850 al 1935"
Ignacio 24 May 2023
Santiago del Chile

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Viaggiato in coppia - May 2023
Excelente experiencia, muy entretenido Gonzalo como guía y persona. Muy recomendable para entender la historia del nazismo!!!
Free Tour Tercer Reich: Las entrañas del nazismo
Bruant 19 May 2023

Prenotazione verificata
Viaggiato in gruppo - May 2023
Super tour avec Laura ! Explications intéressantes et claires, et un très bon itinéraire à travers les lieux les plus emblématiques du coeur historique ! Nous recommandons fortement !
Cœur historique : retour en Prusse
Miguel 12 Apr 2023

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Viaggiato in gruppo - Apr 2023
Muy agradecidos de poder compartir nuestra experiencia en Berlin con Alexis. Altamente recomendable si queréis visitar la ciudad y disfrutar de un tour con un profesional en historia de la ciudad. Muy bien documentado y con alta capacidad comunicativa. Gracias!
Berlino Est: Speciale Muro e Guerra Fredda
Rosa... 12 Apr 2023

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Viaggiato in coppia - Apr 2023
It was a good ride to the history of Germany. Alexis is very passionate and very well explained his explanation. I higly recommend him as you're tourist guide. You will know the other secret of Berlin.
Berlino e il nazismo: ascesa e caduta dell'Impero
Naomi 10 Apr 2023

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Viaggiato in coppia - Apr 2023
We thoroughly enjoyed the tour with Behzad ! He had an extensive knowledge of the history of Berlin and the tour was very informative - we learnt a lot! Would strongly recommend !
Camminando sul muro (tour della storia e dell'atmosfera di Berlino)
Anie 06 Apr 2023

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Viaggiato in gruppo - Apr 2023
Excellent tour!!!
City Ouest : Berlin huppé
Yevh... 01 Apr 2023

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Viaggiato in coppia - Apr 2023
Nice tour, I'd recommend it!
quartiere ebraico di berlino
Donna 27 Mar 2023

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Viaggiato in gruppo - Mar 2023
Bester Guide 🧡 Schon lang nicht mehr so einen schlauen und lieben Menschen getroffen!
Gli elementi essenziali del free walking tour di Berlino

Berlin's Jewish Quarter is a popular tourist attraction with many visitors and residents. The population of the Jewish Quarter is around 2000 people, which is just over one percent of Berlin's total population.
The history of the area dates back to the 1700s, when it was full of warehouses and small workshops. Only in 1923 did it become home to Berlin's largest synagogue, built by Otto Rothschild.
There are many things that make the Jewish Quarter an incredible place for travellers to visit, including its rich culture, architecture and history. If you're interested in visiting this particular area during your travels to Berlin, make sure you don't miss out on all of these opportunities and book a Free Tour like the ones we offer at GuruWalk!
In addition to the aforementioned Synagogue, St. Sophia Church is another important religious building in the neighbourhood.
St. Sophia's Church in Berlin's Jewish Quarter is located on Oranienburger Strasse. It was built in 1722 and then the building was converted into a synagogue from 1866 to 1886. After it was bombed and destroyed during World War II, the church was rebuilt in 1995.
The church is open to visitors every day except Fridays, when it is closed to worshippers. Visitors can enter and see what the services look like inside with stained glass windows, marble floors and beautiful ceilings.
Without leaving aside the religious theme, the old Jewish cemetery is another must-see.
The Old Jewish Cemetery in Berlin's Jewish Quarter has been a point of interest for tourists for some time. This is because it is one of the few cemeteries that have been preserved.
The cemetery was established in 1672 and is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in Europe. It houses graves of people who lived in Berlin during different periods, from 1676 to 1887.
The cemetery was destroyed during World War II by Nazi soldiers and used as an airfield, but was restored with financial assistance from the German government and Israeli embassies and organisations.
But it's not all about religious themes. The Palace of Tears is worth mentioning.
This palace was built in 1936 by the Nazis. Its construction was overseen by Albert Speer, the Nazi Minister of Armaments and War Production. The Nazis envisioned it as a luxury residence for Adolf Hitler to use after he conquered the world and won World War II. However, it ended up being used as a top-secret military headquarters during the war, and later as Soviet military headquarters.
The palace is now part of Berlin's public museum system. It has been restored to its original state, with period furniture and works of art on display from Germany's Third Reich era (1933-1945). Visitors can walk through the rooms Hitler planned for his own use: his office with its large round table, his private library and sitting room, his bedroom with its marble fireplace.

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