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Sant... 10 May 2023

Santi was such a great tour! He added some interesting stops as drinking chicha (there was political history),Also he knows a lot about politics good quality of info , really recommended!
Free walking tour della guerra e del conflitto armato a Bogotá, Colombia (vista profonda)
Jenn... 26 Apr 2023

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Viaggiato in coppia - Apr 2023
El acompañamiento de Carlos fue increíble, mi esposo y yo la pasamos súper bien, recomendamos a Carlos, excelente persona, y un maravilloso guía, muy profesional
Tour in bici gratuito di Bogotá
maikol 09 Apr 2023

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Viaggiato in gruppo - Apr 2023
Recomiendo el tour si te gusta la politica, santiag es un gran guia con experiencia en la poltiica y nos da toda la informacion que queremos saber sin duda uno de los mejores tours
Free walking tour a Bogotà, Colombia (esperienza locale)
Ala ... 08 Apr 2023
New York

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Viaggiato in gruppo - Apr 2023
Excelente experiencia Santiago me transmitió su pasión por la ciudad
Scopri la storia di Bogotà nel nostro tour del centro storico!
Viviane 08 Apr 2023

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Viaggiato in coppia - Apr 2023
The tour is really great and interesting! You have to pay 18 doller for the scooter rent and the insurance. It‘s a fair price, but good to know!
Tour in scooter di Bogotà: storia, arte e adrenalina
Aline 13 Feb 2023
San Francisco de Campeche

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Viaggiato in coppia - Feb 2023
Daniel was a lovely guide who brought us to all the places you need to visit in Candelaria. We even tasted local fruits and had a coffee tasting with him at the end of the tour. Daniel was able to answer all of our questions and really took time to explain everything very well, to warn us about places that are not safe in the city and was very honest also when talking about what goes right and what doesn‘t, he didnt want to greenwash anything. He shared personal experiences with us and not only the „hard facts“ about history of Colombia and especially Bogota. His English is excellent! Very nice experience!
Free walking tour La Candelaria: scopri la città più antica di Bogotá
ROGER 24 Dec 2022

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Viaggiato in gruppo - Dec 2022
Un gran profesional
Bogotá Única Free Tour Versione NATALE - FINE ANNO
Scott 05 Aug 2022

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Viaggiato da solo - Aug 2022
The tour was entirely in the Candeleria, so there wasn't too much walking. The experience was worthwhile, because we were introduced to many aspects of Colombian cuisine.
Tour gastronomico gratuito a Bogotá (più di 15 degustazioni di cibo)
Krishna 09 Jul 2022

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Viaggiato da solo - Jul 2022
Elvira did a great job showing us around Bogota and we sampled various Colombian foods. She explained in detail about all the food and the history behind them. Highly recommend
Free walking tour storico e gastronomico a Bogotá (La Candelaria)

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