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Nanda 20 Feb 2024

Verified booking
Travelled in group - Feb 2024
Chris knows a lot about his tour and shows great enthusiasm, so would definitely recommend it!
Crime and punishment! - A walk through the dark side of the ancient City of London.
Katja 20 Feb 2024

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Feb 2024
The walk was interesting but we did not go to the Southbank? We stayed on the north bank!
Free Tour City of London and the River (Southbank)
Sabine 13 Feb 2024

Verified booking
Travelled in group - Feb 2024
Richard is a very committed Guide. Unfortunaltely we were send to the wrong starting point by Guruwalk so we waited for over half an hour for him. Was not his fault. So organization - at least as we experienced it - was poor. The tour itself was nice. Lots of places and facts in short time. Thanks Richard!
30+ Sights, Ultimate London & guard photo opportunity
Sara 01 Jan 2024

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Travelled alone - Dec 2023
My recent walk around London Docklands was absolutely fabulous, thanks to the outstanding tour guide. From the get-go, Eugenio's passion for the area's history and evolution was palpable, turning the stroll into an engaging journey through time. Egenio's competence shone as he seamlessly wove together the past and present, making every step a discovery. His anecdotes and insights transformed the surroundings into a living tapestry of stories, captivating my attention throughout. Eugenio's infectious enthusiasm and humor made the tour feel like a leisurely walk with a knowledgeable friend rather than a guided excursion. In short, if you're looking for a captivating journey through London's Docklands with a guide who truly loves what he does, this is the tour for you. Five stars, no hesitation!
London Docklands and Waterways
Hannah 22 Dec 2023

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Dec 2023
Rachel was an awesome tour guide, great fun and had an amazing knowledge of London's music history. Highly recommend!
Free London Music Walking Tour
Daniel 17 Dec 2023

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Dec 2023
V enthusiastic and interesting..tour was interactive and fun. Useful facts. Paced right
Christmas in London
Lilian 13 Dec 2023
Kuala Lumpur

Verified booking
Travelled in group - Dec 2023
It’s unique, interesting and enjoyable. Prepare the cash as I noticed the gurus do not have change.
Christmas Markets Free Tour
Rachelle 30 Nov 2023

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Nov 2023
Very interesting tour! Justin is knowledgeable about British history, economy and politics. His anecdotes were very engaging and things I had seldom learned about before . The Christmas lights and displays sprinkled throughout the tour were a welcome bonus. Highly recommend!
Old Money, New Money, Dirty Money in Mayfair & St James's: London's Super Wealthy (not suitable for children)
Tiffany 26 Nov 2023

Verified booking
Travelled in family - Nov 2023
Great experience. Ben was a very knowledgeable guide who not only told us the history behind famous landmarks, but he also threw in some obscure facts and trivia.
Little Ben Tours of London Classics

The British Museum is the largest museum in the UK. It is located in London and has a collection of over 7,500,000 objects from all over the world. The museum was founded in 1753 and is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world.
The museum houses many world-famous exhibits such as the Rosetta Stone, the Lewis chess pieces, the Sutton Hoo treasure, the Benin bronzes, the Parthenon sculptures and the Egyptian mummies.
You could spend your entire stay in the English capital visiting the galleries, but to make sure you get the highlights, the must-sees, we recommend you get professional guidance from the team of Free Tours we offer here at GuruWalk.
The first thing you'll notice about the British Museum is the building itself.
The British Museum was Norman Foster's first major public commission and the only one he completed in the city.
The building is a dome of glass and steel, reflecting and amplifying daylight. The central space of the museum is an atrium that rises to a height of 60 metres (197 feet), employing a new technique in which pre-stressed concrete was poured in long continuous sections.
What about the museum's contents? We could start with the King's Library.
The King's Library is a collection of over 26,000 books and pamphlets. In 1757, King George II donated his library to the library.
It includes many famous texts of English literature, including a copy of the first edition of Sir Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica and Shakespeare's First Folio.
And from here, does the Rosetta Stone ring a bell?
The Rosetta Stone is a beautiful artefact that provides an insight into the life of the ancient Egyptians. It has been on display in the British Museum in London since 1802.
This artefact is one of the most important discoveries in history and was made when Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt and ordered his troops to Alexandria after defeating the Mamluk forces in Cairo. The British Museum also has many other pieces of Egyptian history.
The Ancient Egyptian rooms of the British Museum are a must-see for anyone interested in Egyptian history. The museum offers interactive exhibits, many artefacts and some informative videos.
Visitors to these rooms can explore the different periods of Ancient Egyptian history on display. They can also gain some knowledge about the people who lived in ancient Egypt and what their lives were like.
The same goes for the rooms specific to Ancient Greece or the Mesopotamian cultures of the Middle East.

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