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Best things to do and see in London

London is a city that hides a lot of secrets, corners and traditions that are worth discovering. For this, have the help of a professional guide who can guide us on our journey and explain everything necessary to understand and discover the culture, architecture and cuisine of the city. If you dare to do a free tour in London you will surely be able to visit some of the most important points of interest in the capital of the United Kingdom.

There are themed tours to get to know the whole world of Harry Potter, or guided tours in which you can visit Westminster or other neighborhoods. Also, you can not leave this place without seeing the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, the British Museum, Hyde Park, the Abbey and the Palace of Westminster, Trafalgar Square , tour the River Thames, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, Soho, St. James's Park, Notting Hill, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew or the Camden Town neighborhood.

If this is the first time you do a free walking tour, you will see that booking is completely free. You can read the opinions of other walkers who have already done some guruwalk to know more about the tours that are available in London as well as in the rest of the United Kingdom. There are travelers who have also shown interest in Edinburgh, Sheffield or Weymouth.

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