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Medellin is one of those places you just have to visit if you go to Colombia. It is the capital of the Antioquian Province and it is known as the city of “eternal Spring” due to the climate it enjoys. This South American city also has a large exposition of local artist Fernando Botero, both in the city, Botero Square, as in it’s museums, like the Museum of Antioquia. In addition to this artistic character, the gondolas (Metrocables) connect the outlying neighborhoods as a fast and efficient form of transport for this mountainous city connecting with viewpoints that offer some of the best views of the Valley of Aburra. In this amazing place, there is definitely a long list of mandatory stops for you to visit on your vacation. 

You’ll find a great deal on all the free tours in Medellin where you can get to see all the best parts of the city in about 3 hours, and some tours will even focus on specific neighborhoods or districts if you want to check out an area a little more with your guru. Take a walk over to Arví Park, or Explora Park (which is a science museum with a large aquarium), through the Parque de los Pies Descalzos (barefoot park) or through the Berrio Park with the Church of La Candelaria, travel in the Medellín Metro (the only one in Colombia) , go to Pueblito Paisa, or choose to visit Comuna 13 (neighborhood where Pablo Escobar lived, since some of our tour guides offer specific tours of the Narcos series), let yourself be impressed at the Mirador de las Palmas (Palm tree Viewpoint) or visit the Terrace of the Palace of Culture.

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