What product/service do you offer?

GuruWalk is a platform that is an online leader in the free tour sector, that let’s you reserve one in any part of the world. Our services are present in more than 100 countries where they connect local guides with tourists of every nationality.

Why should you choose the GuruWalk affiliate program?

  • We have the most profitable affiliate program in the world, offering you the best commission* per walker (tourist) on the market.
  • We are the largest and most extensive online platform for free tours in the world, and we reach countries and localities where others can’t.
  • You’ll find a clear, simple, and easy-to-use platform.
  • It is a program that is open to everyone. We don’t just limit our promotions to the traditional formats of blogs or social networks. Share your links on Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook groups… and earn money recommending GuruWalk. It is a program that is open to everyone.
  • We will advise you with real data about the cities that are most profitable and which have the best conversion rate with our platform.

*More than twice what the most prominent programs in this sector.

How much does it cost to join the program?

This is an affiliate program that is totally free to join. You don’t pay to sign up nor for being part of the program.

What benefits do you offer?

We offer the highest commission or rate of any free tour affiliate program: 1.00€ per person (walker.) If the reservation is made for 4 people, you would earn 4.00€.

Do I have to reach a minimum of reservations?

There are no minimum reservations for anyone. Refer all the users you can without having the pressure to reach a certain number in order to receive the benefits of the program’s conditions.

How are cancellations dealt with?

The reservations only count as completed once the walker (tourist) has done the tour and the guru (local guide) has verified it. This way, we are able to avoid possible fraud from affiliates who make free reservations with no intention of going and participating in the tour activity.

Can I use the program in any city?

You can use the program in any city that you see which has a tour with the PRO tag. Only the reservations which have been made for these tours will count. Cities with PRO tours increase on a weekly basis as more and more gurus are choosing the paid plan, and we will keep you up-to-date with these cities constantly.

How do I know which cities have PRO tours?

On the platform, you will see a panel with a list of all the cities that have a PRO tour so you can link them easily and effectively.

What type of requirements do I have to fulfill to become a member of the program?

If you have a web page or a blog in the travel sector, it is easier for you to attract interested users who want to book a free tour. But it isn’t a requirement that we impose on anyone. You could be an affiliate and achieve your goals via Whatsapp, on social networks, or other channels. Anyone who would like to recommend GuruWalk can benefit from our affiliate program.

How does it work?

It’s really easy. You just have to share the city’s URL or that of the PRO tour that you would like to recommend with your ID at the end. If the tour isn’t PRO or the city doesn’t have a PRO tour, it won’t count as a reservation on this occasion, but if this user reserves another PRO tour the next time they are on the platform within 30 days, (thanks to the cookies we use that display your affiliate code,) it will count as a referred user for you.


URL with PRO Tours:

URL of a PRO tour:

Your referral ID: bpel5h1u13gqob68jyg6 (you can see yours on your affilate panel)

Filter to connect the ID: ?ref=

URL to share Rome:

URL to share PRO Tour in Rome:

URL to share the homepage:

Are you on Affiliate networks?

We are not on any affiliate networks for two reasons:

  • We want our affiliates to take home 100% of their commission.
  • Our affiliate model is very open and genuine. It doesn’t fit in the traditional model of affiliate networks.

Is there any limitation to promote my affiliate links?

You are not allowed to bid on the GuruWalk brand or any related activity in Google Ads or any contextual ad system.

What conversion rates does a GuruWalk affiliate get?

It is difficult to obtain data that reflects the full spectrum of all our affiliates. However, we can tell you that there are cities that convert better than others and that you will have that information in your affiliate panel so that you can take it into account. In addition, as soon as you generate the first conversions you will start to build your own metrics and discover what works best for you to improve your percentage of conversion.

Our affiliates’ conversion rate is high for three reasons:

  • Free to reserve. Travelers book each of our free tours for free, so no friction is generated during the process and the conversion rate is higher than on other platforms where they must pay in advance when booking.
  • Our free tours’ quality. The best local guides in any city. This is our policy and we work with this focus to help improve the day-to-day of our gurus. Offering quality is synonymous with success and we are seeking a complete experience for our travelers.
  • Variety and a wide selection. Tourists can find the best tours, from the morning to the evening any day of the week. In addition, they will be able to choose from tours that focus on the essential landmarks or other more specific tours that concentrate on specific neighborhoods or themes.